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IEA Bankrolls ALECer Dillard. Shame on You.

What's worse than a republican?  
An ALEC pro-corporate, "free market" loving republican

Meet Kirk Dillard
Civil Justice

Civil Justice Task Force
Task Force Chair
    Illinois State Senator Kirk Dillard
Private Sector Chairman
    Victor Schwartz, Crowell & Moring

1996 – ALEC Kudos
Illinois Senator Kirk Dillard sponsored landmark legislation in 1995 that has served as a model for comprehensive tort reform in other states

Tiberi was part of a group of legislators at a focus meeting on tort reform at ALEC's 1995 National Orientation Conference who gathered to listen to Dillard and other experts teach the how-to's of tort reform.

Dillard was truly the trailblazer on the cutting edge

ALEC Task Force
Chairs and Private Sector Chairs
   Senator Kirk Dillard, Illinois
   Victor Schwartz, Esq, Crowell & Moring


2007 States and Nation Policy Summit Report
Civil Justice
Illinois State Sen. Kirk Dillard will be discussing Illinois as an example of attempts by the personal injury bar to unreasonably expand liability rules.

Civil Justice Taskforce

Kirk Dillard - ALEC expenses and reimbursements

Report Date Mtg Date Amount Type
Jul-00 May-00  $    575.00 Annual Meeting

1-Jul 1-Apr  $    625.00 Annual Meeting
2-Jan 1-Dec  $    287.75 Conference and Transfer Fee

2-Feb  $   (100.00) Reimbursement - Mileage/Parking

2-Jul 2-Mar  $    625.00 Annual Meeting

2-May  $   (265.00) Meeting Reimbursement

2-Jun  $(2,013.50) Annual Meeting Lodging & Travel

2-Nov  $(2,000.00) Orlando Meeting 2002

4-Feb 3-Apr  $    625.00 Annual Meeting
4-Jul 3-Nov  $    275.00 Winter Meeting

4-Aug 4-Apr  $    775.00 Annual Meeting

4-Jul  $   (417.00) Meeting Reimbursement

5-Jul 5-Jun  $ 1,450.00 Annual Meeting

5-Aug  $(1,000.00) Meeting Reimbursement - Dallas

5-Oct  $(2,000.00) Meeting Reimbursement - Dallas

6-Aug 6-Jan  $    100.00 Two Year Membership
6-Aug 6-Apr  $    750.00 Conference Refistration
7-Jan 6-Oct  $    275.00 Conference Fees

2006  $(1,897.28) ALECExposed Junkets - Meeting Scholarship

7-Jul 7-Mar  $    100.00 Conference Fees / Dues
7-Jul 7-May  $    250.00 Conference Registration

8-Jul 8-May  $    250.00 Conference Registration
9-Jan 8-Jul  $    750.00 Annual Conference
9-Jan 8-Jul  $    300.00 Dues
9-Jan 8-Dec  $    300.00 Conference Fees

2008  $(1,835.20) ALECExposed Junkets - Meeting Scholarship

10-Jan 9-May  $    350.00 Conference Registration
10-Jan 9-Jul  $    950.00 Annual Conference

10-Jul 10-May  $    510.00 Conference Fees
11-Jan 10-Aug  $    650.00 Conference Fees

12-Aug 11-Aug  $    175.00 Conference Fees
12-Aug 11-Sep  $    100.00 Fee

12-Aug 12-Jun  $    625.00 Meeting Registration

13-Apr 13-Jan  $    250.00 Dues
13-Apr 13-Feb  $    150.00 Meeting Registration
13-Oct 13-May  $    625.00 Registration

Meet Kirk Dillard 
Why was it necessary for you to meet Kirk Dillard?
Well - because of a story that I read this last week.

A union - the Illinois Education Association - endorsing ALECer Kirk Dillard.
The IEA recommendation of Sen. Kirk Dillard for the Republican nomination for governor has made big news statewide.

The outcome of the Democratic Primary for governor is not in question. We can make a difference in the Republican race if our members, Republicans, Democrats and Independents, vote for Kirk Dillard.

The recommendation of Sen. Dillard is only for the Primary.
So the IEA - which evidently had sh#tloads of money and lots of lots of extra people to put feet to the ground - is backing an ALECer.
And vote for him - yes! vote for an ALECer.  They are so pro-union.
If you are going to vote Republican - vote for an ALECer - hell yes!
What a crock!
Is Sen. Dillard a member of ALEC?

No. ALEC is notoriously slow to remove legislators from their roster, but Sen. Dillard resigned from ALEC last year. We’ve seen his letter of resignation. We have spoken frankly with him about ALEC and the group’s education work. Sen. Dillard told us that his emphasis while serving as ALEC Illinois Chair was on pro-business legislation, not education.
    Quit just in time to run for the governors race?
    Member since 1994
    Been more active in the last 5 years than ever before
    ALEC updated their state chairs webpage on February 4th.
    Dillards name is still on the state chair webpage
    Is Dillard calling the ALEC staff - sloths?
    If he's not an ALECer anymore - will he be introducing legislation
       to repeal evil ALEC legislation.
    He's pro-business - - have any of you yahoo's over at IEA heard the phrase
        privatization of education?
UPDATE - next day
Dillard did NOT quit ALEC
He resigned as Public Sector Chair.
That's it - he resigned as state head honcho.
Told ya it was bullsht.
The sad part of this f#cking fiasco is that:
    ALEC wants to destroy the unions because they back Dems.
ALEC is doing the nuclear option on unions across the US
and a union is endorsing an ALEC member.
    ALEC better change that song and dance - cause
The IEA, which represents teachers outside Chicago, endorsed Dillard for governor four years ago, but he came up short by 193 votes to state Sen. Bill Brady of Bloomington. The union gave Dillard’s campaign $250,000 along with a cadre of political foot soldiers.
Dillard voted against the state’s new law changing Illinois’ public employee pensions, a measure that aims to close a $100 billion unfunded liability within the next 30 years. The endorsement is a setback for state Treasurer Dan Rutherford, who also opposed the new law and contended unions should have had a voice in drafting a reform bill.
A quarter of a million dollars - on a loser
Are you kidding me?
Boots on the ground - for a loser
Are you kidding me?

Then why isn't IEA endoring and bank-rolling Rutherford - if they are supposedly funding a loser - or maybe they think he might win.

IEA claims they back both Republican and Democratic candidates.
ALEC is doing the nuclear option on unions across the US
If the unions keep this up - I'll be a supporter of the American Legislative Exchange Council vile Paycheck Protection Act.

When it comes to Republicans:

What's worse than a republican?  
An ALEC pro-corporate, "free market" loving republican

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