Sunday, April 27, 2014

ALEC Legislators - Protecting Profits of Dirty-Fuel Energy

There are some major problems with the arguments being used by ALEC legislators to implement ALEC dirty-fuel corporate written legislation that punishes residences that have gone solar.

I'm not an energy expert - so the fact that I can see these flaws and bring them to others attention
- does not speak kindly of the solar industry experts
- who have intentionally chosen to keep their mouths shut
- and chose not to properly inform the public on these bills.
and not debunk the ALEC arguments.

Solar energy experts have reported on the bills
- bitching, whining and moaning about the bills
But never once
not once
have they taken the time to show the hypocrisy and lies hidden in these bills
 - and write an authoritative article on the myths/fallacies of the propaganda being used to push
      these regressive solar consumer penalizing bills.
The first use of solar for residential use was in 1973.
The dirty-fuel energy companies have had 41 years, 41 years, to prepare for and address this issue - without using regressive consumer punishing legislation.
The energy companies are stuck in a 100 year old mentality - that of a typewriter - and ignoring what was coming and not properly making budget allocations to handle.
We should not be held responsible for the poor business practices of the energy companies.
By legislating in this manner we are socializing the losses of energy companies
- through legislation
- while the energy companies are set up to reap untold profits from the legislation, in the future.

They argue that solar users pull off the grid without paying for use of the grid.
That is totally false unless the solar user is totally disconnected from the grid.
Solar users are still ON THE GRID and paying into the grid - paying proportionately to their use of the grid - when sunlight is low. cloudy days - during shady days or at night.

In relation to the item above - ALEC legislators claim, "They [solar users] are not paying for the infrastructure they are using."
As we all know residential solar energy systems are purchased and installed BY THE HOMEOWNER. They paid for the infrastructure they are using.

The energy companies note that they themselves are turning to more solar energy - thereby stating that residential customers should rely on them, the energy companies.
This is just another argument that the profits for solar should be going solely into the energy companies pockets and that consumers shouldn't individually, reap the benefits from solar.
You know and I know that even though dirty-fuel energy companies are moving some of their energy to solar - we are not going to see any changes (aka reductions) in our energy costs.
ALEC legislators whine that solar residential customers should not be compensated for the surplus energy they are putting back into the energy system.
When power companies buy energy from their users,
- it saves the energy company money because they can dial back on their own output
-AND prolongs the life of their equipment (infrastructure),
    thereby saving the energy company money.

ALEC legislators are always whining that the cost of solar development is too high.
Hell, everything costs too much today
  - but in fact, expanding solar protects consumers (and energy companies)
         from the ever fluctuating costs of dirty fossil fuel
  - whereas the fuel that powers solar panels is free (duh).
          AND there are no harmful emissions form solar.

The Director of ALECs Energy Taskforce noted of residential solar customers ""They should be paying to distribute the surplus electricity." and allow energy companies to "charge [solar] homeowners for feeding power into the grid."
I think its time for solar users to quit giving their excess energy to the energy companies.  Screw 'em.

I'm not an energy expert - so I'm sure there are more arguments to counter what ALEC legislators are saying.
I wish to god - someone in the solar energy field would write a good understandable article on this and promotes it extensively.
By not doing so - they are allowing deceptive ALEC legislators to dominate the discussion which is harmful both to the US and to our planet.

But we all have to admit that American Legislative Exchange Council members are only protecting the profits of dirty-fuel energy with consumer punishing solar bills that are being introduced.

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