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GA-42 Battle - Are Those Lies About ALEC?

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Whenever my bullshit meter goes off - it's time to sit down to the keyboard
and it went off big time today.

Saw this little battle going on in Georgia:
There are two people in Geogia battling it out for Senate seat 42.
Williams and Parent
and it's gotten nasty - slinging crap at each other.

I don't care who wins - but
this drew my attention.
And it's a good example of how far candidates will go to distance themselves from the ultraconservative, pro-corporate extremist American Legislative Exchange Council.

The conservative blog Peach Pundit reported this
The poll also tested voters’ response to Parent’s trip to an ALEC conference while serving as a state representative a couple of years ago. Williams’ team has been talking about that trip, hoping it will anchor doubts about Parent as too business-friendly for the Decatur and North Druid Hills district’s progressive politics.

There’s little truth to either of these claims – Parent as a crypto-ALEC member or the nebulous question about a pro-Republican group backing Williams.

Parent did attend a conference of evil ALEC cabalists while serving as a state rep. But she went as a spy.

Parent’s spokespeople wouldn’t discuss their internal polling in public, but released a statement following my inquiry. “Elena attended the ALEC conference on behalf of the AFL-CIO, progressive champion Sen. Nan Orrock, and other Democratic leaders to help build plans to defeat their extreme agendas,” said Matt Weyandt, Parent’s senior campaign advisor.

A spy...
to defeat ALECs extreme agenda
bullshit meter photo: BULLSHIT METER 0011hc6g.gif

Here's what you need to know:
Elena Parent was elected in 2010 to the Georgia legislature and served one term - until December 2012.

The ALEC meeting she "spied on" was August 2011
Elena Parent "the spy" was a freshman legislator with only 9 months on the job.
Evidently - Georgia couldn't find anyone else, with a little more experience as a legislator,  to go to New Orleans to spy on ALEC - at their annual meeting.

On July 13, 2011, the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) unveiled this trove of over 800 "model" bills and resolutions secretly voted on by corporations and politicians through ALEC. 

Before July 13, 2011 - everyone - literally everyone, including the AFL-CIO, thought those of us who were writing about ALEC were wearing tin-foil hats. 
There is no way, no way the AFL-CIO was on board "to defeat ALECs extreme agenda "by August 2011 
- or to ask someone to "spy" on ALEC on their behalf.

And if she did so - where in the hell is the report?
What did she find out in 2011 - that the rest of would have like to have known - - in 2011?

And the
Pièce de résistance 
In August 2011
Nan Orrock was a MEMBER of ALEC - an alternate on the Communications and Technology Taskforce.
She did not quit ALEC until April 2012.
and could attend any ALEC meeting she wanted to
There was no need for them to find "a spy" in August of 2011.

NOW - - 
in 2011
WY Sen. Phil Nicholas, R-Laramie, said he attended one ALEC meeting and noticed many lobbyists from Wyoming were there, including a coal company lobbyist.

He said he viewed the meeting as primarily a lobbying effort and never went back.
Ms. Parent went to only one ALEC meeting and agreed with Mr. Nicholas - as shown above - I wouldn't be writing about her.

But in an effort to get her elected
it appears that a group of "democrats" - have gotten together to build a tall tale - to save her tail.

But the story they have built around her ALEC conference attendance
reeks of

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