Friday, June 27, 2014

2014 - Ridding the US House of ALECers

ALEC and the US House
ALEC members in the House that retired this year

There are 11 - and if we don't watch ourselves they will be replaced with 11 other ALECers.

We need to start now 
to support the Dems with money or volunteer time
to educate our friends and neighbors about ALEC
if we replace one ultraconservative pro-corporate extremists of the American Legislative Exchange Council party, with another


Spencer Bachus (AL)
Runoff election July 15th.
State Rep. Paul DeMarco and policy analyst Gary Palmer
     DeMarco is probably ALEC, hasta be to attend an ALEC? Taskforce meeting
        Was a presenter on an ALEC panel
         Exploring the Development of ALEC Principles on Workers Compensation Reform
        Civil Justice Task Force
        States & Nation Policy Summit | Grand Hyatt | Washington, D.C.
        November 28, 2012
Could be replaced with nother ALECer

John Campbell (CA)
   Mimi Walters GOP – ALEC lover – will face Dem Drew Leavens in November
   Walters probably ALEC – definitely an ALEC lover

Could be replaced with ALEC lover

Rodney Alexander, R-La.
Replaced in November 2013 by Vance McAllister – who resigned in 2014 amid multiple reports of scandal
Primary October 5, 2014 for November election
No known ALECers on the primary ballot as of this point – 2 ALECers declined to run for the position – but then you have the Duck Dynasty nephew running

Mike Rogers (MI)
   Primary for this position on August 5
   Both GOP candidates are ALECers Tom McMillin and Mike Bishop
Could be replaced with another ALECer

Dave Camp (MI)
   Primary for this position on August 5, 3 GOP candidate, 1 ALECer
   Camp endorsed ALECer John Moolenar to take his place, running against Dem Jeff Holmes
   Will be a hard seat to keep away from ALEC without lots of boots to ground and money
Could be replaced with another ALECer

Howard Coble (NC)
  Runoff – election July 15 - ALECer Phil Berger is vying for this seat will run against Mark Walker for GOP endorsement 
    Berger is endorsed by ALECers Coble,  Gingrich  ALEC loving Virginia Foxx
Could be replaced with another ALECer

Jim Gerlach (PA)
  Ryan Costello, GOP – not known ALEC - will face Dem Manan Trivedi
  Will be a hard seat to keep away from ALEC without lots of boots to ground and money

Doc Hastings (WA)
   Primary is August 5 for this seat, 12 candidates
   Known ALECers running Janea Holmquist
Could be replaced with another ALECer

Cory Gardner (CO) to run for senate
  Won primary – will face Mark Udall in November

Jack Kingston (GA) to run for senate
   July 22nd Runoff GOP election
   Runoff election in July between Kingston and Perdue

Phil Gingrey (GA) to run for senate
   Did not advance in primary for senate
   GONE, probably to his high paying lobbyist job for an ALEC corporate member

The entire house is up for re-election this year.
I heard a buttwipe on the radio this morning say that 98% of the seats are safe.
I refuse to accept that
and as many as possible must not be re-elected.


and then of course you also have

ALECer Eric Cantor who lost his primary bid

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