Monday, June 30, 2014

ALEC Transparency - Ain't what it used to be

ALEC trans-par-ency
ain't what it used to be,
ain't what it used to be,
ain't what it used to be,

ALEC trans-par-ency
ain't what it used to be,
just a few years ago.

ALEC has learned to mislead the press very well when it comes to the issue of transparency.
Unfortunately for the reader - the press writes what ALEC says - doesn't check to see if it is true - so the press feeds the public lies.

ALEC Distorts Transparency

because of member concerns about transparency, Meierling said.

“The fundamental issue is people want to know,” Meierling said. “Critics of the organization and supporters of the organization say let sun shine on everything.”

"We really believe in transparency," ALEC spokesman Bill Meierling told The Huffington Post. "We believe that more eyes on our model policies will create better policies.


After “taking it on the chin” for a few years, ALEC is making an effort to be more transparent, said state Senate Republican Caucus Chairman Bill Ketron of Murfreesboro.

Bull crap
ALEC only makes transparent - what ALEC wants the public to see.
ALEC intentionally distorts its policy and mission - by only publicizing what they want others to believe.

Everything of importance for the public to know is still secret at ALEC

Just a couple of examples of how ALEC is less transparent now - then it was before.

The NEW supposedly more transparent agenda
   doesn't show which corporation is sponsoring the bill
   doesn't show which corporate representatives are doing all those presentations

HIDING information

And then there is this agenda.
The International Relations Taskforce
Corporations and lowly STATE legislators meeting with foreign nationals outside the purview of our state department.  AND writing legislation that affects the US.

The NEW supposedly more transparent agenda
      doesn't show who is the Private Sector (Corporate) Chair of the Taskforce
      doesn't show which corporation/foreign national is doing the presentations
      doesn't show who is sponsoring the bill 
        -evidently the corporate lawyers haven't hooked up with a legislator yet
         to intro the bill
    and that is important - as demonstrated here:
DECEITFUL and HIDING information of who actually wrote the bill and who is the corporation (profit or not for profit)  promoting the bill.
AND it was planned this way - to execute just like this - by ALEC

And the you have this!!!
The American Legislative Exchange Council use to be extremely open back in the '90s - that also has changed.

ALEC Less Transparent Now Than It Was In 1995
If Meierling wants to talk about the past, explain this.  How is it that ALEC is owning up to its secretive "past," when the group published full task force membership lists and the text of all model legislation until 1995?
Important Caveat for the Future
The 2011 agendas shown above were on the Common Cause webpage - Common Cause has recently dropped these documents from their webpage.
This is a shame.

Now that historical information that proves - beyond a reasonable doubt -  how ALEC REALLY operates,  behind closed doors, is no longer available to the general public - who needs to know this information and see this information.

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