Friday, July 19, 2013

ALEC's First Agenda Item - "Hide the Legislation's Author"

We will start tonight's festivities with
The Legislator Auction
Pick a legislator - any legislator
Pick the legislator to introduce your corporate legislation.
You don't have to know them.
You don't even have to like them.
Pick short
Pick tall
Their expertise in the matter
Doesn't matter at all
Just tell them what they should do and need to know
And our ALEC legislators will put on a "really good show".

They will introduce your legislation to the task force for you
They've been doing it for years in their statehouses, so this is not new. 
We, here at ALEC, provide you with legislators to do your bidding.
So your role in the legislation can be protected and hidden.
The Legislator Auction
Pick a legislator - any legislator
Pick the legislator to introduce your corporate legislation

I am the only blog that has repeatedly and consistently referred to the fact that 90% of all ALEC legislation is written by corporations – as can be verified by the documents that were dropped by Common Cause in their IRS case against ALEC.

Back in June the following article was posted and immediately got lost in the media.
But it has HUGE, HUGE implications as to the proceedings at upcoming ALEC meetings.

ALEC has to use the meeting coming up in Chicago to introduce this new procedure and  play the ultimate dating game, the ultimate game in deception and deceit - "Hide the Author of the Legislation"

The nonprofit got flak and lost members for its controversial legislative positions. | AP Photo
By ANNA PALMER | 6/13/13 4:31 PM EDT


The change comes on the cusp of the group’s 40th anniversary meeting in Chicago in early August.

ALEC’s senior director of policy Michael Bowman sent private-sector members an email Thursday, announcing the unanimous board decision.
Which Board?
The ALEC Corporate Profit Sector Board that they now call and advisory committee?

“This change is intended to preserve and protect the unique and valuable nature of our public-private partnership,” Bowman wrote. “Private-sector members are free to work with legislators to introduce, draft, model policy.”

“preserve and protect” = TO HIDE = TO DECEIVE
ALEC is not changing anything – this is just their newest shell game on this issue. 
“Private-sector members are free to work with legislators to introduce, draft, model policy.”
The shell game that ALEC is proposing is that instead of having the corporation sponsor introduce the legislation – which has always been done in the past  ... 

now, the corporate lobbyist will meet privately with an ALEC legislator and give the ALEC legislator their corporate written legislation, explain it to the ALEC legislator, tell the ALEC legislators what to say:
“Please sponsor and introduce this for us.  We can’t be the ones that sponsor and introduce this legislation under the new ALEC rules.”

- the corporate lawyers will still write the legislation introduced at ALEC meetings
- the corporate lobbyists will still bring the corporate written legislation to ALEC
- but now it will be a state legislator standing in front of the
   ALEC task force meeting pretending they wrote the legislation
   and pretending they are the real sponsor.
- probably on a 110% paid corporate scholarship from the corporation
  who actually wrote the legislation
   (you can bet your a$$ they are getting extras for doing this).
If companies or associations already have initiated policy, it will be grandfathered in for the upcoming meeting.
Pro-corporate legislation
– authored by corporate lawyers
– introduced and sponsored by corporate lobbyists for the past 40 years
are “grandfathered”. 

This includes their resolutions on Keystone XL Pipeline and the Trans Pacific Partnership.  This includes their NRA gun legislation, their voter legislation, their private prison legislation, their anti-union legislation, their anti public schools legislation, etc. 
A spokesperson for ALEC did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Let's say NO! to the extremist pro-corporate American Legislative Exchange Council. The USA is NOT OK with ALEC.

ALEC Annual Meeting
40th Anniversary
Palmer House Hotel

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