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MD Delegates - ALEC Not Worth Mentioning

If you look at the biographies of the Maryland Delegates you find an issue that is predominate in the United Sates.

Members of the American Legislative Exchange council who are ashamed to admit their affiliation with this extremist, right-wing, pro-corporate, ultraconservative organization.

While I was looking at the bios – it seemed the first paragraph was to bring attention to the state and national political affiliations.  For all, none listed ALEC.

The second paragraph was a look at their background and basically a list of professional experiences that qualified them to be a legislator and justify the office they hold – all but one – did NOT mention ALEC.

In the second paragraph – a few do mention their religious affiliation and some of the social organizations they belong to, that are supposedly not politically affiliated – but none, except one, lists ALEC.

Now – you would figure
    that an organization that provides them with pre-written, copy/paste legislation;
    that (according to misleading statements in the press) gives them the
       opportunity to meet with other state legislators;
    that provides them with “educational” political propaganda every month
        with talking points on what ALECer should believe 
        and how they should govern;
    that provides experts to come into the General Assembly to help
         them push ALEC extremist legislation
– would be listed as an organization that is important to their qualifications as a legislator 
– but no, they don’t list ALEC
The assumption could be made that ALEC provides NOTHING to a legislator - except corporate paid trips to meet with lobbyists in posh hotels and luxury resorts.
The assumption could be made based on the fact that legislators don't acknowledge their ALEC affiliation
     that ALEC is not worth mentioning
     pretty useless, 
     not very important to a legislator 
     - except for the corporate paid trips, of course.

Below is a list of Maryland delegates.
Delegates – who did not acknowledge their affiliation with ALEC in their bios are bolded.
Because ALEC membership lists are secret – we have no way of knowing how many more of these members are ALEC members.

Hough, Michael J. (R), District 3B
the ONLY ONE to admit his membership – cause not only is he in the MD House of Delegates – he is employed by ALEC

Afzali, Kathryn L. (R), District 4A - ALEC
Anderson, Curtis S. (Curt) (D), District 43
Arora, Sam (D), District 19
Aumann, Susan L. M. (R), District 42 - ALEC

Barkley, Charles E. (D), District 39
Barnes, Benjamin S. (D), District 21
Barve, Kumar P. (D), District 17
Bates, Gail H. (R), District 9A - ALEC
Beidle, Pamela G. (D), District 32
Beitzel, Wendell R. (R), District 1A - ALEC
Bobo, Elizabeth (D), District 12B
Bohanan, John L., Jr. (D), District 29B
Boteler, Joseph C., III (R), District 8 - ALEC
Branch, Talmadge (D), District 45 - ALEC
Braveboy, Aisha N. (D), District 25
Bromwell, Eric M. (D), District 8
Burns, Emmett C., Jr. (D), District 10
Busch, Michael E. (D), House Speaker, District 30

Cane, Rudolph C. (D), District 37A
Cardin, Jon S. (D), District 11
Carr, Alfred C., Jr. (D), District 18
Carter, Jill P. (D), District 41
Clagett, Galen R. (D), District 3A
Clippinger, Luke H. (D), District 46
Cluster, John W. E., Jr. (R), District 8
Conaway, Frank M., Jr. (D), District 40
Conway, Norman H. (D), District 38B
Costa, Robert A. (R), District 33B
Cullison, Bonnie L. (D), District 19

Davis, Dereck E. (D), District 25
DeBoy, Steven J., Sr. (D), District 12A
Donoghue, John P. (D), District 2C
Dumais, Kathleen M. (D), District 15
Dwyer, Don H., Jr. (R), District 31 - ALEC

Eckardt, Adelaide C. (R), District 37B - ALEC
Elliott, Donald B. (R), District 4B - ALEC

Feldman, Brian J. (D), District 15
Fisher, Mark N. (R), District 27B - ALEC
Frank, William J. (R), District 42 - ALEC
Frick, C. William (D), District 16
Frush, Barbara A. (D), District 21

Gaines, Tawanna P. (D), District 22
George, Ronald A. (R), District 30 - ALEC
Gilchrist, James W. (D), District 17
Glass, Glen (R), District 34A
Glenn, Cheryl D. (D), District 45
Griffith, Melony G. (D), District 25
Gutierrez, Ana Sol (D), District 18
Guzzone, Guy J. (D), District 13

Haddaway-Riccio, Jeannie (R), District 37B - ALEC
Hammen, Peter A. (D), District 46
Harper, Nina R. (D), District 45
Haynes, Keith E. (D), District 44
Healey, Anne (D), District 22
Hershey, Stephen S., Jr. (R), District 36
Hixson, Sheila E. (D), District 20
Hogan, Patrick N. (R), District 3A
Holmes, Marvin E., Jr. (D), District 23B
Howard, Carolyn J. B. (D), District 24
Hubbard, James W. (D), District 23A
Hucker, Tom (D), District 20

Impallaria, Richard K. (R), District 7
Ivey, Jolene (D), District 47

Jacobs, Jay A. (R), District 36 - ALEC
James, Mary-Dulany (D), District 34A
Jameson, Sally Y. (D), District 28
Jones, Adrienne A. (D), District 10

Kach, A. Wade (R), District 5B
Kaiser, Anne R. (D), District 14
Kelly, Ariana B. (D), District 16
Kelly, Kevin (D), District 1B
Kipke, Nicholaus R. (R), District 31 - ALEC
Kramer, Benjamin F. (D), District 19
Krebs, Susan W. (R), District 9B - ALEC

Lafferty, Stephen W. (D), District 42
Lee, Susan C. (D), District 16
Love, Mary Ann (D), District 32
Luedtke, Eric G. (D), District 14

Malone, James E., Jr. (D), District 12A
McComas, Susan K. (R), District 35B - ALEC
McConkey, Tony (R), District 33A
McDermott, Michael A. (R), District 38B
McDonough, Patrick L. (R), District 7
McHale, Brian K. (D), District 46
McIntosh, Maggie (D), District 43
McMillan, Herbert H. (R), District 30
Miller, Aruna (D), District 15
Miller, Warren E. (R), District 9A - ALEC
Minnick, Joseph J. (D), District 6
Mitchell, Keiffer J., Jr. (D), District 44
Mizeur, Heather R. (D), District 20
Morhaim, Dan K. (D), District 11
Murphy, Peter F. (D), District 28
Myers, LeRoy E., Jr. (R), District 1C - ALEC

Nathan-Pulliam, Shirley (D), District 10
Niemann, Doyle L. (D), District 47
Norman, H. Wayne, Jr. (R), District 35A - ALEC

Oaks, Nathaniel T. (D), District 41
O'Donnell, Anthony J. (R), District 29C - ALEC
Olszewski, John A., Jr. (D), District 6
Otto, Charles J. (R), District 38A - ALEC

Parrott, Neil C. (R), District 2B - ALEC
Pena-Melnyk, Joseline A. (D), District 21
Pendergrass, Shane E. (D), District 13
Proctor, James E., Jr. (D), District 27A

Ready, Justin D. (R), District 5A
Reznik, Kirill (D), District 39
Robinson, A. Shane (D), District 39
Robinson, Barbara A. (D), District 40
Rosenberg, Samuel I. (D), District 41
Rudolph, David D. (D), District 34B

Schuh, Steven R. (R), District 31 - ALEC
Schulz, Kelly M. (R), District 4A - ALEC
Serafini, Andrew A. (R), District 2A - ALEC
Simmons, Luiz R. S. (D), District 17
Smigiel, Michael D., Sr. (R), District 36
Sophocleus, Theodore J. (D), District 32
Stein, Dana M. (D), District 11
Stifler, Donna M. (R), District 35A
Stocksdale, Nancy R. (R), District 5A - ALEC
Stukes, Melvin L. (D), District 44
Summers, Michael G. (D), District 47
Swain, Darren M. (D), District 24
Szeliga, Kathy (R), District 7

Tarrant, Shawn Z. (D), District 40
Turner, Frank S. (D), District 13
Turner, Veronica L. (D), District 26

Valderrama, Kriselda (D), District 26
Valentino-Smith, Geraldine (D), District 23A
Vallario, Joseph F., Jr. (D), District 27A
Vaughn, Michael L. (D), District 24
Vitale, Cathleen M. (R), District 33A

Waldstreicher, Jeffrey D. (D), District 18
Walker, Jay (D), District 26
Washington, Alonzo T., District 22
Washington, Mary L. (D), District 43
Weir, Michael H., Jr. (D), District 6
Wilson, C. T. (D), District 28
Wood, John F., Jr. (D), District 29A

Zucker, Craig J. (D), District 14

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