Sunday, July 21, 2013

Want to see what Ignorance about ALEC looks like?

Check this out
the whole thing.

This is why we MUST keep vigilant in educating people.
Right now the majority of Americans don't know about ALEC and
many of those that think they do know about ALEC
   - are only guessing at what ALEC is and what ALEC is about
      - they don't know ALEC.

In this post - the comment thread almost immediately went away from ALEC - cause people don't know what to say - or how to discuss ALEC.  The comments almost immediately went to the crotch brothers - which, in reality,  serves no real purpose when you are talking about ALEC - the crotch brothers don't own ALEC like many would like to think and write about - 300 THREE HUNDRED corporations own ALEC.   (use of crotch brothers ?  I'm getting sick and tired of their data mining of my site, whenever I use their name)

Opportunity to really discuss ALEC issues - lost!  Due to ignorance.

The answer to the original post is:
When push comes to shove,  everything the American Legislative Exchange Council does is directly related to increasing corporate profit/revenue for ALEC corporate members.  That is the only reason ALEC exists.

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