Tuesday, July 9, 2013

ALEC Meeting Keynote Speaker List - Sucks!

Oh my, This is embarrassing.

ALEC’s Annual Meeting
The big shin-dig of the year

And to top it off – their 40th Anniversary

And ALEC's  list of keynote speakers – basically, SUCKS.

Looks like Congressional ALEC Alumni are staying away from the spotlight of the extremist American Legislative Exchange Council.  NO big name draws on their keynote speaker list – which they are proudly displaying on the annual meeting webpage.

Also missing is big name corporate honchos - bringing their corporate love to ALEC members - telling ALEC legislators how they should intentionally manipulate the "free market" using ALEC "model legislation"  to help their corporate buddies and benefactors.  But then I suppose that will happen at all the expensive corporate parties specifically for your ALEC legislator, where your legislator will be meeting with corporate lobbyists in secret - behind closed doors.

Here we go.
And to think you are letting your legislators go to this meeting and probably paying for it with YOUR precious tax dollars.

Joe Bastardi  (love the name , by the way - love the name!)

"CO2 cannot cause global warming. I'll tell you why. It doesn't mix well with the atmosphere, for one. For two, its specific gravity is 1 1/2 times that of the rest of the atmosphere. It heats and cools much quicker. Its radiative processes are much different. So it cannot -- it literally cannot cause global warming."

Kerry Emanual, an atmospheric scientist at MIT, spoke with Media Matters via e-mail:

"I might point out that Bastardi's background is in weather forecasting, not climate science. Asking him to comment on the science of climate change is rather like asking a country doctor to comment on the latest developments in biomedical research. The media really ought to know better."
Jeb Bush - Florida
Probably sponsored by the NRA and for-profit education.
His daddy and brother loved - absolutely loved making "remarks" at ALEC meetings.
Mary Fallin – Oklahoma Governor
Wonder if she will rinse and repeat the keynote she gave at the ALEC May meeting in OKC.
Wonder if she will be bringing free Thunder Jerseys for all the attendees like she did in OKC.

Art Laffer
He’s there to give them their talking points again about the copy/paste report known as Rich States Poor States or How I love Red States, I Hate Blue States

Terry Branstad – Gov Iowa
Any doubt now where his allegiances lie?

Susan Combs, Comptroller TX
A woman speaker from Texas - how convenient
Evidently Gov Perry doesn’t have time for ALEC this year – even though they gave him their most prestigious award in 2010
Lt. Gov Tate Reeves – Mississippi
Must be planning on running for higher office.
What amazing bits of wisdom will he bring.
Charter school pusher - guns in the classroom pusher - and was the lead on a bill to close the ONLY abortion clinic in Mississippi

ALEC has Mississippi in their TOP TEN for best economic outlook.
Hell - they should be number one - cause things can't get much worse for them.
Only two states in the US have unhappier people than Mississippi - which is attributed to high poverty.
After all the entire United States wants to be Mississippi – HAH!

Conor Burns MEP, UK
Still looking into this guy – this is a very interesting story.
For now let’s say that he is a Thatcher lover and probably there to give an anti "Ding Dong" speech, praising Thatcher and her policies.

Stephen Moore – Wall Street Journal
Be careful what you read and believe from the Wall Street Journal.
This guy makes every ALEC meeting a part of his life.

Oh my, This is embarrassing.

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