Friday, July 12, 2013

GOP Looking for More White Folk for Their White Party

One of my favorite writers - Paul Krugman - cut loose in the NY Times today.

He's looking at the "new, and improved" GOP strategy to win in 2014 and beyond.

Delusions of Populism

Enter libertarian populism. The idea here is that there exists a pool of disaffected working-class white voters who failed to turn out last year but can be mobilized again with the right kind of conservative economic program — and that this remobilization can restore the Republican Party’s electoral fortunes. 

You can see why many on the right find this idea appealing. It suggests that Republicans can regain their former glory without changing much of anything — no need to reach out to nonwhite voters, no need to reconsider their economic ideology. You might also think that this sounds too good to be true — and you’d be right. The notion of libertarian populism is delusional on at least two levels. 

Let's reinforce that one.
The party of white folk
Looking for more white folk

That don't exist.
But serious political scientists like Alan Abramowitz and Ruy Teixeira have now weighed in and concluded that the missing-white-voter story is a myth. Yes, turnout among white voters was lower in 2012 than in 2008; so was turnout among nonwhite voters. Mr. Trende’s analysis basically imagines a world in which white turnout rebounds to 2008 levels but nonwhite turnout doesn’t, and it’s hard to see why that makes sense. 

But the cool part is
The GOP will just consider this "junk Science"

We could encourage them to go find those white voters
Great idea there - go for it, GOP

Yes - you should go find those white folk
that you need
for your white party

At some point - they really do need to buy the white robes and the white hoods to go with their white party.

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