Friday, July 5, 2013

TX RepubliCONS Bringing in Activists from the EAST COAST

RepubliCONS Cheating Again in Texas.

This story need to go viral – cause MAYBE then the lamestream media will pick it up.

It’s important to remember that TEXAS women has come forth in the thousands to protest the War on Women in Texas.

Now – according to this diary on Daily Kos

Texas is IMPORTING activists from the EAST COAST to counter the War on Women protests in Texas. 
Right now, we are compiling a list of students who can come to Austin and join our “Texas Stand For Life Team” while the bill is in the House, and possibly stay longer for the Senate battle. 

And for those of you in the mid-Atlantic region, SFLA is renting a bus to drive down to Austin from Washington, DC.

Read the diary


Read carefully


don’t click anything without reading the diary carefully.

Again – this puts the CON in REpubliCONS.

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