Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The ALEC Book of Days - Preparation - Week One

This Weeks
Meditations for the ALEC Member
to help you prepare for the American Legislative Exchange Council meeting in Chicago, August 7 - 9 at the Palmer hotel.

July 11
Lobbyists: they know you better than you know yourself.
      Constituents: they think they know you better than yourself.
Lobbyists: you can be a million miles away and you’ll still be on their mind .
      Constituents: out of site out of mind.

July 12
Being honest may not get you a lot of lobbyists, but it’ll always get you the right ones.

July 13
The greatest thing in life is finding a lobbyist who knows all about you and your mistakes, and still sees the best in you.

July 14
She’s my best lobbyist; if you break her heart, I’ll break your face.

July 15
Just when you thought you weren’t the center of attention; the lobbyists will show up.
July 16
There are lobbyists we meet in life that make everything seem magical. Cherish them.

July 17
Keep lobbyists in your life who truly love you, motivate you, encourage you, enhance you, and make you happy.
July 18
When worse comes to worst; your lobbyists come first.

Please meditate every day
your own identity will vanish and
the only experience left 
will be that of blissful lobbyist surrender. 

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