Friday, July 26, 2013

ALEC Legislators & Their Fracking Corporate Benefactors

Awhile ago – I did a post that included a video with the President of Nestle stating:

              Access to water is not your right
                 believing you have a right to water - is an extreme belief
              Water is a raw material and a "foodstuff" that should be
                   privatized and commercialized.

Access to water - is really a local issue and us folks at the local level really need a lot of help from the Feds to protect our land, our water and our health.

Why the Feds?

Most state legislatures WON'T protect our land, our water and our health because in many states 1/3 or more of the state legislators belong to the extremist pro-corporate American legislative Exchange Council.

ALEC legislators want to protect the frackers and steal and privatize our water supply
- a win, win for ALEC corporate members.

The fact that our state legislatures may no longer serve/protect THE PEOPLE  becomes evident when you consider that ALEC wants to let the states legislate fracking regulations.  State regulations, written by corporations, brought home by ALEC legislators - legislators, whose only allegiance is to ALEC corporate fracking members and not to the people.

August 7 - 9 ALEC legislators will be going to Chicago - to again be wined and dined & indoctrinated by corporate lobbyists and their fracking corporate benefactors.

This will probably be the toast at the first breakfast meeting.
Aquafina - Pepsico
Poland Spring - Nestle
Dasani - Coke
Evian - Supposedly from France

Pepsico, Nestle, Coke - ALL ALEC members at one time.

The first week of August YOUR ALEC legislators are going to Chicago to pick up more fracking legislation from the corporate members of the extremist pro-corporate American Legislative Exchange Council.

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