Friday, July 5, 2013

Nestle CEO - Water should have a market value

Awhile ago – I did a post that included a video with the President of Nestle stating:
              Access to water is not your right
                 believing you have a right to water - is an extreme belief
              Water is a raw material and a "foodstuff" that should be
                   privatized and commercialized.

Privatize, privatize, privatize.
The natural resource commons does not belong to the people - it belongs to the corporations for the sole purpose of profits.

This video is an example of the extremist free market philosophy held by the American Legislative Exchange Council - your death means nothing compared to corporate profits.

If this guy believes it - other corporations believe this for their raw materials also.

Well - look at what is happening in Canada.
Yes - it has to do with Nestle'
Yes it has to do with water.

From Common Dreams

ONTARIO, CANADA - July 3 - Over 140,000 consumers in Canada and across the globe are joining with the global corporate watchdog, demanding that Nestlé cut back on water pumping during drought conditions for their operations in Aberfoyle, Ontario.

Currently, Nestlé has a permit through 2017 to take about 1.1 million litres of water per day from Hillsburgh, Ontario for its bottling operations in nearby Aberfoyle -- even during drought conditions while there are by-laws on water use for households.  The surrounding communities which rely on the aquifer have by-laws to restrict its access to their own water during dry conditions in the summer.   

“Nestlé’s appetite to commodify water and natural remedies is a recurring strategy by a corporation with a pattern of seeking to privatize and profit from traditional knowledge and our natural resources,” explained Angus Wong, Canadian Campaigner for    ...  "Nestlé is sucking up water from a Canadian watershed during drought conditions -- to bottle and sell it off.”

Several days after launching the petition, a video emerged showing Nestlé’s Chairman claiming that the idea that water is a human right comes from “extremist” NGOs and that water should have a market value. 

The people can't have water - but Nestle can.
"Nestlé is sucking up water from a Canadian watershed during drought conditions -- to bottle and sell it off.”

Coming to a town near you - as climate change creates more and more drought conditions.
Corporations - stealing the very water needed to survive - for profit.

When are people going yo STOP buying bottled water?

your death means nothing compared to Nestle' corporate profits

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