Monday, July 22, 2013

The ALEC Job Fair (Snark)

All the professional associations I use to belong to - would have a job fair at the annual conference, for those looking to move on - or move up.

I wonder if ALEC has a job fair at their annual meeting?

IF they have one - how would they promote it?
I suppose it could look like this.

Tired of putting up with those nasty old constituents?
Tired of that mean old governor not ki$$ing your butt?
Ready for the career move you have been waiting for?
Ready to enjoy a life of "champagne wishes and caviar dreams."?
Ready to have other legislators suck up to you for freebies and ALEC scholarship money?
Be the best you can be – Be a Lobbyist

Would you like to connect with lobbyist recruiters from all across the country? Then you should attend the American Legislative Exchange Council Corporate Member Lobbyists Career Fair. With more than 300 corporate lobbyists to help you navigate your lobbyist career.  You won’t want to miss this opportunity.. 

July 20 – August 1
State legislator registration and application
Application must include a list of ALEC pro-corporate legislation that you have sponsored or co-sponsored.

August 7 - 9
A list of employers recruiting lobbyists at the Annual Meeting can be found here.

Do not use this time to conduct an extensive interview. Your past ability to push pro-corporate ALEC legislation will speak for itself.  You should have a quick, 30 second introduction and “selling point” about yourself. Most employers want to meet as many legislators as possible during this time, so be courteous to your fellow legislators and keep your face time as short as possible.

Didn’t get picked for an interview?
Buck up and start moving more pro-corporate ALEC legislation in your statehouse and the corporations will make sure you get a 6 figure job in the future. 
Starting this year ALEC has introduced a lobbyist shadowing and internship program for legislators.  You will be paired up with a lobbyist at opening reception. The lobbyist will give you the legislation their corporate lawyers wrote,  and you get to make believe you are a lobbyist - and introduce the legislation to the ALEC task force.  Doesn't that sound like fun?  NO longer will you be a ho-bunk grunt from the sticks - you can role-play being an ALEC Corporate member lobbyist.

I wonder if ALEC has a job fair at their annual meeting?
IF they have one - how would they promote it?

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