Monday, July 22, 2013

ALEC Protest is Three Days 8/7-9

Last night I was reading a blog entry by a rabbi.

It wasn't until I got to the end of his entry that I realized he was in Chicago , as he urged his readers to join him on August 8 at noon at the Palmer hotel to protest ALEC.
Good for him.

The problem?
It is really great that the unions are rallying at noon on the 8th to say NO to ALEC -
The protest at noon on the 8th is not the only protest and yet it seems to be getting ALL the press.

There is a three day protest action planned.
July 7
July 8
July 9

The rally on the 8th will get plenty of press - cause there will be hundreds of people - BUT we also need positive press on the 7th and the 9th - we need press for all three days and that means we need LOTS of people for ALL three days.

At protest at the ALEC meeting in Charlotte last year - Brockway, an ALEC legislator from Georgia posted a biased and misleading video on line for his Repug buddies - that was taken during a lull in the protesting.

There can be no lull in the protesting at Chicago.
We must have a presence all three days.

PLEASE join us for all three days.
Please be there to say - The USA is NOT OK with the extremist pro-corporate American Legislative Exchange Council.
ALEC Annual Meeting
40th Anniversary
Palmer House Hotel

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