Tuesday, July 16, 2013

ALEC Does NOT Support Their Own Legislation

Two days ago I told you when push came to shove - ALEC would start lying about the Stand Your Ground Issue and their relationship to the NRA.

A couple of months ago - ALEC  didn't want to be called ALEC anymore.

They do not support the legislation which they distribute to their members.

When asked Monday about ALEC's current position, Bill Meierling, senior director of public affairs at the organization, emailed us this response:

"The American Legislative Exchange Council does not support Stand Your Ground policies. The Council focuses solely on pro-growth, economic issues to increase opportunity for all Americans."

The American Legislative Exchange Council distributed the Stand Your Ground law to their members - now they don't support it. (Look at the legislation - paragraph 2 lines two and three.  Look at whose logo is on the top of the page.)

Hey! ALEC Legislators
Looks like the home office is hanging you out to dry
- you are on your own folks
- the ALEC office is NOT going to provide you support on the very legislation
- that they gave you to to introduce.

Hey! ALEC Legislators
If it wasn't for ALEC
- you wouldn't be backed in a corner right now!

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