Monday, July 8, 2013

ALEC Meetings - Just send a grunt.

Many ALECers in a high position stay their distance from the extremist American Legsilative Exchagne Council - they just send a grunt.

It maybe a very expensive grunt - but they send them instead so that they won't be seen at the ALEC meeting.

Take this ALEC scumbag:
Who didn't want to be seen at an ALEC meeting so - he sent
Jacob Jason Eige is the Counselor and Senior policy advisor to the Governor. He added a flight/trip worth $2,107 to the American Legislative Exchange Council. He told the Richmond Times Dispatch, "Out of an abundance of caution, after reviewing my report again, I decided to report it, even though it was paid for from our office budget for work-related conferences, trips etc."
Eige himself being an ALEC member.
They like to surround themselves with pond scum.

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