Wednesday, July 3, 2013

ALEC Sponsors 1998 Annual Meeting - Chicago

In 1998
ALEC had their 25th Anniversary Annual Meeting
In Chicago

These were the corporate sponsors for that meeting.
I wonder how many are again paying for
ALEC's 40th Anniversary Meeting
in Chicago
August 7 - 9

or just quietly slipping money to ALEC under the table.


Amoco Corporation .
Archer Daniels Midland Company
Illinois Energy Association
Illinois Retail Merchants Association
Motorola , Inc .
Pfizer In c
State Farm Insurance Companies
United Airlines

Alliance of American Insurers
Allstate Insurance Company
American Insurance Association
Cable Television and Communications Association of Illinois
Central Illinois Light Company
Chemical Industry Council of Illinois
Ford Motor Company
Illinois Insurance Association
Illinois State Medical Society
National Association of Independent Insurers
Quaker Oats Company
Waste Management , Inc .

Director '
Abbott Laboratories
Associated Beer Distributors o f Illinois
Baxter Healthcare Corporation
Deere & Company
First Chicago NBD
Fremont Comp
General Motors Corporation
Guarantee Trust Life Insurance
Household International
Illinois Financial Services Association
McDonald' s Corporation
National Beer Wholesalers Association
Peoples Energy Corporation
R . R . Donnelley & Son s Company
Sara Lee Corporation

Alliant Utilities - - Interstate Power Company
American C I P S
American U E
American Store s - Jewel/OSCO
Bank of America
Caterpillar, Inc .
Commonwealth Edison Company
Douglas Press , Inc .
Fruit of the Loom
Gaylord Container
Golden Rule Insurance Company
Growmark , Inc .
Harris Trust & Savings Bank
Illinois Cor n Marketing Board
Illinois Petroleum Council
Illinois Power Company
Illinois Road Builders Association
Illinois Pork Producers Association
Illinois Soybean Association
Illinois Tool Works
Inland Steel Industries , Inc .
LaSalle National Bank
Mid-American Energy Company
Mt . Carmel Public Utility Company
Sundstrand Corporation
Union Pacific Corporation
Wausau Insurance Companies
Zurich Insurance  

So sad - If it wasn't for the people of America and our democratic republic- these companies wouldn't be $hit.
And yet their money has helped ALEC destroy representative government of, for and by the people.

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