Saturday, July 13, 2013

GOP Goal - To Humiliate & Control Women

From HuffPo this morning.
This is what it is all about folks
"When I got to the bag check, the troopers were all acting very aggressively," Chaney said. "As a diabetic, I carry food -- both quick sugar and protein -- and I have never had any trouble taking it in anywhere when I remind the personnel involved of the protections afforded by ADA law. This time, I was told that the law didn't apply and I either lost my food or my place in line."
Chaney said the officer, who she identified as Trooper Stoner, then unzipped the personal care section of her purse, took out two purple-wrapped maxi pads and "started waving them around, much to my humiliation and horror, and said that they were not allowed in either."
Chaney said she pleaded with him, informing him that her menstrual period had started that day, but the officer accused her of being "aggressive." When she told a supervising officer that the way they were being treated was "a travesty," she said that officer marched her over to the nearest elevator, yelling the entire time, and said she was welcome to leave the building. Without her maxi pads, she decided to leave.
Making us leave
Denigrating us
Being condescending to us
Controlling us
Humiliating us

To put us "in our place"

We MUST NOT let this continue.
There needs to be lawsuits on this and everything else like this going forward.

Before you step foot in a protest action - have the number of a lawyer on your arm and be prepared to call them. 
Be prepared to go public.
I am pretty confident that someone will step up to help pay for this - if you make your story public.

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