Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Who LIED about ALEC?

In an article posted by an organization that sues way too many people for using their material - the following statement was posted.

The group[ALEC] has attracted fierce criticism from such groups as Free Press (CD April 9 p11), but it remains committed to transparent policy discussions, its task force leaders told us.

Either ALEC successfully LIED to the press again.
The press successfully LIED to the public about ALEC,  again.

Sooooo - - - - -
The American Legislative Exchange Council meeting in Chicago will be anything but transparent.  A meeting held behind closed doors, reported on by "invite only" press.  

Writing/approving pro-corporate legislation that affects the US that not one citizen will see until the ALEC Republican push it through their statehouse in the dark of night - without saying it came from ALEC.

PLEASE join us for all three days.
Please be there to say - The USA is NOT OK with the extremist pro-corporate American Legislative Exchange Council.
ALEC Annual Meeting
40th Anniversary
Palmer House Hotel

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