Thursday, July 11, 2013

Garofalo (ALEC-MN) - Hostile Responses Based on ALEC "Education"

Once in awhile you run into nut jobs that just can’t have their beliefs questioned.
Once in awhile these nut jobs go over the edge – way over the deep end - cause their perceived reality has been questioned.
That’s what happened in Minnesota.

Pat Garofalo, an ALEC member,  went off the deep edge when his cult training from ALEC was questioned.

As reported in City Pages in Minneapolis this morning the Twitter exchange began with this:

Source:  City Pages

Not only did he go after a blogger once on his twitter account – but he couldn’t let it go.  The Twitter battle went rapidly sent down hill from there with Garofalo unprofessionally slinging mud which is demonstrated in the title of article
MNGOP Rep. Pat Garofalo suggests liberal blogger is a pussy

Garofalo's responses show that he doesn't belong in the legislature - he should be on a playground somewhere having a verbal fight with a seven year old.

Garofalo's beliefs have nothing to do with serving the kids as he so purports
his beliefs
- have everything to do with destroying teacher unions.
- have everything to do with privatizing public education for ALEC Corporate Sector members.
Read the whole thing

What was missed
What was missed in that article is that Garofalo went off the deep end cause his core beliefs were challenged.
His ALEC beliefs were challenged.
His ALEC "education" was challenged.
Pat Garofalo, an ALEC member, and a member their "Education" Task Force.

The ALEC "Education" Task Force
   one of their issues in that task force is

Eliminating tenure for teachers in favor of "performance," allowing districts to fire older teachers in favor of lower-cost young teachers.     ...  Thereby undermining teachers unions indirectly

ALEC has "model legislation" on it

The moral of the story:
When challenging the beliefs held by extremist members of the American Legislative Exchange Council - be careful! because their response could be extremely hostile and irrational.

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