Thursday, July 18, 2013

ALEC's Next Target - Our Trees and Forests

Tree-huggers may be the next ALEC eco-terrorists - Really, literally.

Based on this article out of New Jersey - it appears that ALEC legislators have set their sites on our trees and forests.

Just wanted to make you aware of it - cause as you know
- if the legislation is in New Jersey
- it WILL be coming to a state near you soon.

No conspiracy theories here folks, but thought I’d point out some very close similarities between the ideas, findings, provisions, and debate on the NJ “Forest Harvest” bill and the model bill on forestry written by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

In a touch of Orwell, the original Senate “Forest Harvest” bill has since been significantly revised, substituted, and renamed as the “Forest Health” bill, see S1085 SCS.

I was initially curious, because the bill is co-sponsored by Senator Oroho.
Oroho is a conservative Republican who serves as ALEC’s NJ Co-Chair. He is ALEC’s point man and the bill’s co-sponsor.
And why?
State forests are economic assets.
ALECers DO NOT WANT states to have assets - because ALEC corporate members tell ALEC members that assets should be privatized/profitized and given to the ALEC corporations - by ALEC legislators.

It always feels like you are putting on a tin-foil hat when talking about ALEC - but the evilness perpetrated by the extremist pro-corporate American Legislation Exchange Council to benefit their corporate benefactors is not imaginary.

ALEC legislators - stripping the ground, killing our water supplies, selling our state owned property to the ALEC corporate buddies, and writing laws that murder people.


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