Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Haley (SC - ALEC) Another ALEC Failure

Saw this on Daily Kos.
Very seldom do you  see NIkki Haley and ALEC in the same sentence and it's time to remind people.

Haley is a member of the extremist American Legislative Exchange Council.  Haley paid $5,000 for her ALEC membership - so she could be a member forever.

It's bits and pieces from a campaign letter from the guy running against Haley (if she runs again).

And Nikki Haley? She’s been busy failing the state as usual.
South Carolina lost an additional 200 jobs to Tennessee and Mexico this week with yet another plant closure:
Reports turned up no evidence of voter fraud in South Carolina, and Nikki Haley refused to apologize for wasting millions of dollars investigating and protecting against “Zombie voters.”
Discussion of Nikki Haley’s failure to lead on higher education continued, in a story showing South Carolina has the highest tuition rates in the South for public colleges and universities:
And this all comes after she threw the “state’s health care industry into chaos” by vetoing funding for the Certificate of Need program, which facilitates the expansion of hospitals and other health services that create jobs and serve South Carolinians.:
Frankly, state government under Nikki Haley is a disaster. It’s broken. It’s incompetent. It’s hampering economic development. And it’s wasting your tax dollars.  We can do better.

But I'm sure that good old NIkki is packing her bags and her best duds for the ALEC meeting in Chicago.
She had a REALLY good time that last time she was in Chicago with ALEC.  A REALLY GOOD TIME.

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