Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cuccinelli - Using His ALEC Education

Funny how NO ONE connects this guy to ALEC when they write about him.

Practicing what he learned by going to ALEC meetings

From Think Progress 
It is unclear why Cuccinelli would invest so heavily in a struggling company. But his decision to put so much of his money into a tobacco company, along with his record opposing Obamacare, public smoking bans, HIV/AIDS and sex education, and birth control, renders dubious his campaign promise to empower families “to make the best possible health care decisions.”
"opposing Obamacare, public smoking bans, HIV/AIDS and sex education, and birth control,"
More on this later.

And probably practicing what every legislator learns by going to ALEC meetings -

Though as of 2012, Star Scientific has reported annual losses for a decade, just one Virginia elected official or candidate invested upwards of $10,000 in the company: Cuccinelli. According to the Virginia Public Access Project, Star Scientific is the only significant holding he has reported since his first filing in 2003. Cuccinelli, whose position makes him the Commonwealth of Virginia’s lawyer, did not follow state disclosure law and disclose this investment in a timely manner. After the controversy became public, he sold off the stock.
Cuccinelli also initially failed to fully disclose the gifts he received from Williams — omissions he called “inadvertent.” Williams provided the attorney general with free lodging at his homes, $6,711 worth of supplements, transportation to New York City and Kentucky, and an elaborate Thanksgiving dinner. All totaled, Cuccinelli reported accepting at least $18,893 in gifts from Williams between 2009 and 2012.
Oh, my
What has YOUR legislator learned at ALEC meetings?

We alreayd know that most of them fail to disclose their ALEC membership.
We already know most of them fail to disclose their ALEC corporate scholarships.
We already know most of them fail to disclose their interaction with lobbyists at American legislative Exchange Council meetings.

What else are they failing to diclose.

Failure to discloe
Isn't that a form of LYING????


The Virginia attorney general defended himself Wednesday to reporters. "I'm the one who held a press conference and said, 'Hey, here are all my items, and I missed four or five over the course of four years.' But that's part of my commitment to transparency. When I make mistakes, I own up to them," Cuccinelli said, according to The Washington Post. He did not answer a question on whether McDonnell should step down.

"But that's part of my commitment to transparency."
   "part of my commitment to transparency"
Which part - the ALEC part
The ALEC part that keeps everything secret - until a whistleblower exposes it????

You have got to check out this graph of ethically questionable beavhior and the dishonety of his ALEC buddy - McDonnel.
Demonstrates that what you learn at ALEC is applicable - until you get caught.

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