Wednesday, July 3, 2013

S. Farenthold (TX) A Short Lived ALEC Obsession

Found this – this morning - in a writeup about  the Texas War on Women

In the summer of 2012, in Houston, Texas, I was privileged to be part of a captive audience listening to one of this state's greatest Democratic women, the Honorable Sissy Farenthold.  She stressed to us the vitality of our attention paid to a PAC called the ALEC.  I did just that.  It is painfully obvious to me what's going on here. It's no secret that this bill's author is in alignment with ALEC, and against the will of the people.

ALEC is not a PAC
ALEC is not a think tank
ALEC is much more vile than either of those
The American Legislative Exchange Council puts corporate lobbyists and legislators in secret meetings and that is their main purpose.

Summer of 2012?
Well – Farenthold is a new name for me.
She has been in Texas politics since 1972.

What else is out there from the Honorable Sissy Farenthold on ALEC?

“My time is coming to a close and I have an obsession right now and it’s about ALEC,” she said, to a small burst of appreciative applause. “I’m delighted to hear that there are people here who know what ALEC is -   ...   and its Texas companion, the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Those people need to be exposed.”

That, in fact, is the title of a report issued a year ago by Progress Texas, which describes how, in its view, “an exclusive network of corporations and lawmakers write the laws to increase corporate profits at public expense in Texas.”

Afterward, when I talked to her about it, Farenthold commended the work of Progress Texas and its executive director, Matt Glazer.
And that’s it on the search engines.

Not much of an obsession.

Too bad 
- she would have been an important ally.
We could have used her voice - she is one of those people - with real power - that I am always hoping will take a stand against ALEC.

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