Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jason Brodeur - Sanford FL Rep is an ALECer

Not only is he from Sanford.
Not only is he an ALEC member.
He was on the task force established by Governor Snot right after the murder of Trayvon Martin to review the “Stand Your Ground” law.
Brodeur didn’t ask to be on the task force. But he readily agreed to it when Weatherford called, he said.
Having an ALECer on that task force was like having a fox guard the henhouse.

The conclusion of the task force:
"If the only alternative to an altercation is a duty to retreat, that gives more rights to the assailant than to the victim," said Rep. Brodeur.  "So we determined that it was better to leave it in there because that equalizes the rights between a potential assailant and a potential victim."

So I guess this ALECer isn't losing any sleep over the verdict.

I hope he is okay with his beliefs, cause ALEC doesn't support him anymore on Stand Your Ground
When asked Monday about ALEC's current position, Bill Meierling, senior director of public affairs at the organization, emailed us this response:

"The American Legislative Exchange Council does not support Stand Your Ground policies. The Council focuses solely on pro-growth, economic issues to increase opportunity for all Americans."
oh, but there is more - - - - 
Look out  Florida labor – this “right-to-work-for-less” ALEC-er serves on the
            Joint Select Committee on Collective Bargaining

And even though he sponsored these other ALEC bills:
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
   Urges Congress to repeal Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act
Privacy of Firearm Owners
    Provides that licensed practitioner or facility may not record firearm
     ownership information in patients medical record;
     the “docs and Glocks”bill
Collective Bargaining
    Authorizes employees who are members of labor organization
    to decertify labor organization or its certified bargaining agent

And then there is this
Rep. Brodeur said this: 
 “I think as a man I do feel qualified to comment on this a little bit given my own personal history," said Rep. Jason Brodeur, R-Sanford. "I think when you make a choice to unilaterally end someone’s life by force we generally call that murder."
Not about Stand Your Ground
But on an abortion bill – authored by another ALEC-er of fame – Rachel Burgin.

Thanks to a comrade in the fight against ALEC - for leading me to Brodeur - so I could share this with you.
Please visit his site and follow his tweets.

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