Friday, July 19, 2013

Jay Inslee (WA) Likes ALEC - According to ALECer

ALEC supporters are really drawing at straws right now to justify the extremist policies of the ALEC  - making misleading public statements.  Twisting the facts, making broad misleading statements to prove that the American Legislative Exchange Council is nonpartisan - lying, really.

They are publishing all kinds of crap.

Take this case in point
    Jay Inslee –Governor,
    State of Washington
    (the state that passed legalized marijuana and marriage equality into law in December 2012)

From Daily Kos on Jay Inslee
  ...  he hasn't voted a straight line progressive caucus agenda but neither has anyone else. 

The National Journal rates Jay Inslee the 123rd most liberal representative with a score of 72.8% based on his 2011-2012 voting record. He voted liberal, as they define it, 72.8% of the time.  Compare that to Jim McDermott at 56th  and 86.1%.  Our most liberal representative is still only the 56th most liberal member of the house.  Top honors are shared by Lynn Woolsy (D) CA and Raul Grijalva D AZ (That's right Arizona for gods sake.). They voted liberal 92% of the time. 

That's My Congress doesn't rank members in order but assigns them a  percentage voting score based once again on how they define liberal and conservative.  They publish the individual bills, amendments and resolutions and how the congressman's action contributed to either the liberal or conservative side of the equation.  I'll list a brief over view of some but by all means go to the site and dig into Jays actual voting record for yourself. 

That's My Congress rates Jay Inslee at 66/12 which means that he voted with the liberal as they define it agenda 66% of the time and conservative 12%.  By comparison Jim McDermott is 71 liberal and 7 conservative. (By their methodology the numbers don't always add up to 100.)
This morning I grab these snips from the Washington Policy webpage

July 16, 2013
Some people on the left sure don't like ALEC. One who does, however, is Governor Jay Inslee.
Did Inslee tell you that he likes ALEC?
Did you talk with him?
Do you have a quote from Inslee that he "likes" ALEC?
What is your justification for that statement?

Yet ALEC deservedly enjoys broad support on both sides of the aisle. Case in point is Governor Inslee's support of two ALEC policy ideas in the latest legislative session.
holy crap!
support of two ALEC policy ideas
Inslee signed a bill based on the model Environmental Priorities Act,
He also signed HB 1183,
Inslee's support for ALEC policy ideas

I would call that an overstatement.
Going off the deep end.
Just because he signed it - doesn't mean that he supports ALEC policy.

I wonder how Inslee would like it if he knew that he was being referred to as an ALECer.
I would like to have his input on this.

If Inslee wasn't a public figure - he could sue this guy for defamation of character if he wanted to.

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