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An ALEC Sham - The International Task Force

For a couple of entries coming up – I am going to be taking snips – with permission, from an excellent piece of investigative journalism written by Bob Sloan – Voter Legislative Transparency Project.

I’m going to do this in multiple entries – using snips – cause I am a “blogger” with ADD, with the attention span for research and writing of about that of a flea (let's jump around and do this - or this, no this, maybe this, or this  ...  ).

Before we consider what the impact of a joint RSC/ALEC partnership against federal controls would have upon the U.S., we should first look at current ALEC activities along these lines involving memberships held by foreign representatives. Together ALEC’s state lawmakers work hand in hand with several influential foreign elected officials to establish US state and foreign policies and pass laws suggested by those representing foreign powers…
“Together ALEC’s state lawmakers work hand in hand with several influential foreign elected officials”
Are you kidding me – state legislators from ho-bunk towns in the United States making “international” resolutions.
You have got to be kidding me!
Like America is suppose to believe that ALEC state legislators have the experience in foreign affairs necessary to be working on an “international” task force.  Get real!!!

Most of them haven’t even been out of state – except to go to an ALEC meeting – for free – on a corporate ALEC scholarship.
For example, take Mary Kiffmeyer – from Minnesota – our ALEC State Chair who is on the International and Federal Relations Task Force.
The oldest of 14 children, Kiffmeyer was raised in Pierz, Minnesota.
    The population was 1,393 at the 2010 census.[6]
Kiffmeyer lives near Big Lake, Minnesota
    Big Lake      population was 10,060 at the 2010 census.
Oh – yeh – this is someone I want interfering in foreign affairs on the ALEC International Relations Task Force.
These state bumpkins and their insistence in interfering with Foreign/International Relations will probably set world governments and US foreign relations back 100 years.
God only knows what they are doing behind the closed doors of the secretive meetings of the ALEC International and Federal Relations Task Force.
God help us and the world!!!!!

Concerns about foreign money and influence finding their way into our electoral process because of the Citizen’s United SCOTUS decision – are now bolstered by the discovery that foreign nations are already taking part in establishing U.S. policies related to voting and foreign matters – through ALEC.
And this paragraph is NOT a push
This Resolution emphasizes the importance of first amendment protections of corporations’, non-profit advocacy groups’, and labor organizations’ speech. The resolution warns that mandatory disclosure and disclaimer requirements, particularly relating to an organization’s sour source of funding, can be intimidating to  such organizations and inhibit free speech.

the January 2010 Supreme Court decision in  Citizens United v. Federal  Election Commission  restored and affirmed the First Amendment rights of  corporations, labor organizations, and nonprofit advocacy groups to engage in  political speech in campaigns; and 
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED  that the American Legislative Exchange Council  (ALEC) opposes efforts that are outlined above at the federal, state, and local level  to undermine the Supreme Court’s decision in  Citizens United v. Federal Election  Commission  .
Adopted by the Public Safety and Elections Task Force at the Annual Meeting, August 7, 2010. Approved by the ALEC Board of Directors, September 19, 2010

“foreign nations are already taking part in establishing U.S. policies related to voting and foreign matters – through ALEC.”

One major difference ALEC has attempted to bury deeply and not disclose is the involvement of foreign nationals holding elected offices in their governments who also hold full ALEC membership(s) – including the right to a vote [on ALEC “model legislation”].  These [foreign national] individuals help develop US policies, write ALEC resolutions and proposed model bills to be implemented in the United States – and internationally.  They [foreign nationals] cast votes alongside corporate reps and lobbyists and conservative state lawmakers on US state and federal model legislation, formulate resolutions sent out to the President, Congressional members and foreign governments.  These foreign officials then return to their government posts and lobby on behalf of the same initiatives they helped develop for the US – initiatives being lobbied for by ALEC to their [foreign national] governments using the same resolutions, models or policy demands.

foreign participation in developing US laws and policies –

in relation to our state AND national government

The “ALEC International Task Force” is part of the ALEC “Federalism Task Force”
Which is part of ALEC’s “Federal Forum” program
Which focuses on:
Bringing state legislative leaders into contact with ALEC’s alumni  members in Congress is the cornerstone of the Federal Forum and  is instrumental in maintaining the principles of limited government,  individual liberty, and free markets. Through this relationship, ALEC hopes  to provide its 96 alumni members with information and testimonial support  from the states on pressing policy issues. 

foreign participation in developing US laws and policies –

At last count, ALEC documents list at least nine governments represented by seventeen publicly elected foreign officials sitting on ALEC’s International Relations task force – with full membership and voting rights.

And that’s where we will go next in this series

Harold Brubaker
Brandie Davis – Lobbyist for PMI Global (Philip Morris International)
16. Specific lobbying issues
World Trade Organization obligation issues.
Pending U.S. Trade Agreement Initiatives.
S 3240: Agriculture Reform, Food, and Jobs Act of 2012; proposed amendment relating to trade negotiations.

ALEC International Relations Task Force Co Chairs
A state legislator and a lobbyist.
How fitting!!!!
American Legislative Exchange Council Page 1
International Relations Task Force
As of 6/30/2011

        Richard Ashworth
        5 Hazelgrove Road
        West Sussex RH16 3PH

        Cory Bernardi
        Australian Senate
        Level 13
        100 King William Street
        Adelaide, S.A. 5000

        Adam Bielan
        European Parliament
        UL CHODUIE WI CZA 2/7
        Warsaw, Poland 02-593

        Martin Callanan
        Member of the European Conservatives & Reformists Group
        European Parliament
        105 Kells Lane
        Gateshead, UK NE95XY

        Philip Claeys
        European Parliament
        Kruiskruidlaan 11
        Belgium 3090

        Niranjan Deva
        European Parliament
        Bat. Altiero Spinneli 14E130
        60 Rue Wiertz/Wiertzstaat 60
        Belgium B-1047

        Christopher Fjellner
        European Parliament
        14 Rue Wiertz
        ASP 13E116
        Brussels, Belgium B-1047

        Liam Fox
        Member British Parliament
        House of Commons
        London SW1A 0AA

        Daniel Hannan, MEP
        European Parliament
        European Parliament
        60 Rue Wiertz
        Brussels 1047

        Chris Heaton-Harris
        European Parliament
        60 Rue Wiertz
        Brux, Belgium B-1047

        Roger Helmer
        European Parliament
        ASP 14E 242
        60 Rue Wiertz
        Brussels, Belgium B-1047

        Ayesha Javed
        Punjab Provincial Assembly
        Provincial Assembly of the Punjab
        The Mall Road
        Lahore, Punjab 54000

        Syed Kamall
        European Parliament
        60 Rue Wiertz (14 E116
        Brussels, Belgium B-1047

        Michal Kaminski
        Chairman of the European Conservatives & Reformists
        European Parliament
        ASP BE130, European Parliament
        Rue Wiertz
        Brussels, Belgium B-1047

        Mirostaw Piotrowski
        European Parliament
        UL Zaua 39
        Lublin, PO Box 20-601

        Ivo Strejcek
        Member of European Parliment
        Vintrnt 105212
        Zdar Nad Sazavon
        Czech Republic 59101

        Konrad Szymanski
        European Parliament
        26 M.6
        Warsaw, Poland 02-646
Reem Badran, a member of parliament from Jordan and
ALEC’s newest International Legislator Member.
Page 26 • Inside ALEC | October 2012

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