Thursday, March 21, 2013

Floridians Should Ignore ALEC Economic Advice

“Certainly Florida has moved in the right direction; based on the data, it seems that Florida is once again a model for other states to emulate,” Jonathan Williams, Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force director at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) tells Sunshine State News.

“Florida has recovered in a better way than many other states. Phasing down the business tax burden as the governor is trying to do; taking a hard look, as the Legislature has, at pension reform; those things are sending a message to businesses and other states: Florida is open for business again.”

Wouldn't count on it - if they are going to use ALEC economic advice.

Why don’t you asked this ALEC-er - who lives and breathes ALEC policies.
How well has ALEC advice and philosophy worked in Wisconsin?
Wisconsin is now ranked 44 out of 50 in job growth

The economic and political policies of the American Legislative Exchange Council are destroying Wisconsin.   
ALEC economic and political policies would destroy Florida too.

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