Tuesday, March 5, 2013

AFP - Brainwashing Citizens in ALEC Dogma

Yeh - I know they are tea-partiers, but ..... 

But when you take into consideration
   that Koch Funded Americans for Prosperity
is bussing people in for $50 which includes

which includes a one-night stay with double occupancy (or $100.00 for single occupancy) at a Marriott hotel,
bus transportation, 
lunch and snacks on the bus, 
one ticket for dinner

50 bucks - hell of a deal.  

   to hear Koch funded propaganda
   including ALEC's Rich States, Poor States

Brainwashing citizens - Americans for Prosperity in collusion with the American Legislative Exchange Council, spreading questionable data/information.

You gotta sigh -

Accessed at:

Someone should hand out the rebuttal to Rich States, Poor States
    Selling Snake Oil to the States

 when they are getting back on the the bus.
But that suggestion assumes Koch tea-partiers can read.

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