Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Montanans Need to say NO!!!! to ALEC

Last week I saw this

HELENA — A conservative think tank is drawing the ire of some Democrats for using a state building for a membership drive.

The American Legislative Exchange Council has helped draft model legislation used by Republican lawmakers.

The group was at the state Capitol on Wednesday seeking new members. It offers a two-year membership for $100.

Republican supporters say the group plays an important role in helping draft ideas that support "limited government, federalism and individual liberty."

Republican Rep. Scott Reichner of Bigfork says the membership drive is not new, and has not previously created problems.

But some Democrats argued it is inappropriate for a partisan group to use state facilities to raise money.

Democratic Rep. Galen Hollenbaugh of Helena says ALEC pushes out-of-state ideas that drive a wedge between lawmakers.

Tonight I found this:

And this 
(I’ve put ALEC members are in bold – not known as members are not bolded):

Here’s the list of the legislators who attended ALEC’s sack lunch for current and prospective ALEC members in the State Capitol. Montana, take note. Every single one of these legislators is willing to sell their vote to the highest bidder or already has.

The list is as follows:

Brian Hoven
Carl Glimm
Chas Vincent
Daniel Zolnikov
Dave Lewis
Doc Moore
Doug Kary
Ed Buttrey
Elsie Artnzen
Eric Moore
Fred Thomas
Greg Hertz
Jesse O’hara
Joanne Blyton
Jonathan McNiven
Matt Rosendale
Nancy Ballance
Pat Ingraham
Patt Connell
Ray Shaw
Roy Hollandsworth
Scott Reichner
Scott Sales

Montana needs to say NO! to ALEC.
Tell the legislators above that you do not want them in ALEC!!!
     Especially the ones that are not bolded – there may be some hope for them
Montana needs to say to ALEC - NO NEW MEMBERS!!!

ALEC will turn your beautiful state over to the corporations to destroy!!
Just read this

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