Friday, March 29, 2013

8 MILLION new guns in four Months

Washington (CNN) -- FBI background checks on gun sales have now topped two million in each of the past four months, according to the latest figures made available on Monday.

Although the law enforcement agency does not offer public analysis of its figures, the high check rate occurs amid debate in Washington over new gun control measures mainly in response to December's school shooting in Connecticut.

The agency performed more than 2.3 million checks in February using the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

The monthly record of 2.7 million occurred in December. January was the second-highest month at 2.4 million. Prior to November, the number of monthly FBI background checks had never exceeded 1.8 million.

And you are dumb enough to think that all the brouhaha is about "gun rights"?

Everything about this - - - - - - - is about money
Ammo profits higher
Gun sales profits higher

The NRA doesn’t give a damn about 2nd amendment rights
The NRA  is concerned with making money for the corporations that sponsor the NRA

And you are dumb enough 
to think this is about "gun rights"? 

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