Monday, March 25, 2013

ALEC FreeMarket Philosophy is Fallacious

Manipulation of the market using legislation issued by the American Legislative Exchange Council – is proof that the free-market philosophy expounded by ALEC is fallacious.

When ALEC legislators create artificial and spurious entry into the market for ALEC corporate sector members, using ALEC “model legislation” they are deconstructing the concept of "free-market".

When ALEC legislators intentionally manipulate public sector services and goods, to create new markets for the sole benefit of ALEC corporate sector members, ALEC legislators are proving that the free-market philosophy they hold so dear is flawed.

It is time for the so-called free-market to independently “pull itself up by its bootstraps” to succeed – if it cannot - it should left to fail.

Constituents in every state should not allow ALEC legislators to manipulate the market  - just becausetheythinktheycan.

Every time an ALEC legislator uses legislation to move public goods and services to the private sector they are falsely manipulating the market and we must stop this - NOW!!! 

Market share should be earned - NOT LEGISLATED!!!
Corporate profit should be earned - NOT SUBSIDIZED by legislation.

Those corporations that live by the free-market philosophy - should be allowed to die by the free-market philosophy.

The name for corporatized government
is NOT free-market
the correct name is fascism


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