Thursday, March 28, 2013

Progressives are Not a "Movement"

I heard this on the radio on the way home today.
It's the truth - the whole truth
and nothing but the truth

And the truth hurts.

12 minutes of your time.
Time to wake up.

What is in it for "my" movement???
That is the problem that the citizen journalists have been running into with the topic of ALEC.
The nonprofits who have co-opted the ALEC story, see ALEC as the biggest damn purse they have ever found.
Instead of working together with citizen journalist and researchers that know a shitload about ALEC - they kick us to the curb - becausetheycan.

Nonprofits vs Citizen Journalists and Citizen Activists
    There is no consolidation of effort - unless you are a nonprofit in the circle.
    If you are not in the nonprofit beltway - you don't exist.
    The nonprofits are always right.
    If it isn't the nonprofits idea - it's not important - to hell with everybody else.
    It's not my idea (or article I will get media coverage for) - so,
         citizen journalist / activist the hell with you and your research!
    It won't bring in donations to my nonprofit
    There is an inane argument that it "might" hurt donations to their nonprofit.

Therefore the citizen journalist/citizen activist doesn't exist for the nonprofits who have co-opted the ALEC story.

A group of us have been banging our f#cking heads against the wall trying to get the nonprofits to recognize us and what we contribute - - - - - - and they refuse.
Our contribution is different - but because we aren't part of the circle - we are kicked to the curb.
Instead of working with us - they ignore us.  We don't fit the "image" they want for the ALEC story - so they don't promote us and they don't acknowledge us - making us fight for recognition in the larger audience.  When in fact - if we worked together we would impact larger audiences - cause my audience is a different audience that could be tapped  to tell the ALEC story to - IF there was cooperation.

And because of that - we will fail.
No unity - no cooperation - no movement.

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