Wednesday, March 27, 2013

ALEC's Yearlong PR Failure

Remember that hashtag?
It died very quickly last year – less than three months in cyberspace.

That was a year ago – when Grover Norquist’s American for Tax Reform (an ALEC member) started a webpage to give ALEC some love.

They advertised this amazing, loving webpage and then for next three months
– the webpage was “Under construction”
Then finally - - - they came up with this amazing webpage of ALEC love:

Pretty pathetic outpouring of love for ALEC.
A three year old could have built a better webpage.

Sign a letter to an ALEC Profit Sector member - telling them to "stick with ALEC"  bwahahahahah!

Tell your state legislators you want then to remain with ALEC   ...


The Then you also had this:
#IstandwithALEC Twitter page
Current traffic reports:
     No Tweet results for #istandwithalec.
Another site says:
     Not enough traffic to build a chart.
No love for ALEC.

I was expecting the webpage would be filled with testimonials from ALEC members and that just never happened.

Hi!  My name is Delirious Deena and I am a proud card carrying member of ALEC because I am an extremist nutjob. (R-WI)

Welcome people - #IstandwithALEC because they let me plagiarize “model legislation” making me look good for my constituents – even though I’m lying.  Lying Sackofcrap (R-LA)

Folks I can’t tell you how much I love ALEC – they give me scholarships to luxurious resorts that me and the missus would never be able to afford to go to and did I mention the food – OMG the food at those shindigs is just so yummy.  Thanks ALEC.  Gimme Freestuff  (R-AZ)

What a disappointment – I was waiting for all these testimonials about the greatness of ALEC and there were none.  
There is nothing great about ALEC.

#IstandwithALEC died an embarrassing death.
Spread the word!
Nobody out there - willing to publicly stand with ALEC.
Spread the word! 

It died because no one wanted to admit #IstandwithALEC.  Most ALEC members are embarrassed to admit they belong to the American Legislative Exchange Council.  Nobody wanted to admit #IstandwithALEC.

As ALEC’s new poobah of PR recently put it:
In an interview, Bill Meierling, ALEC's spokesman,    ….   did say that ALEC has no plans to reveal its corporate and legislative members, identify individuals representing corporations within ALEC, or open up their model bill task force meetings.
Why, Bill? Are ALEC members embarrassed to admit they belong the extremist, right-wing, ultraconservative American Legislative Exchange Council?

I'll "Stay in Touch"

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