Sunday, March 17, 2013

Did Multi-Millionaire Bachmann Race Bait CPAC Audience?

One of my favorite places to go for tweets, had a post that directed me to a great short piece from FreakOut Nation this morning.

There were a couple of interesting pieces to chew on it that article – stuff that I had been trying to coalesce in my head, but had not been able to – Freakout Nation pulled it together - that’s why we need a village.

First of all –
Michele Bachmann is a multi, multi-millionaire

“Five staffers are waiting to get paid and she has millions in her campaign account”
We are talking a measly $5,000 here.
Why? is multi-millionaire Bachmann withholding payment?  Her failed campaign wants the workers to:
sign a non-disclosure agreement that prohibits any discussion of any criminal, moral, and/or unethical behavior witnessed during Mrs. Bachmann's campaign in Iowa.”

Multi-millionaire Bachmann won’t pay them because they won’t meet her demand
We are talking a measly $5,000 here with legal implications for Bachmann attached.

So far very few articles/entries/diaries have had the chutzpah to call this for what it appears to be:
“claims that this President should live a lifestyle somehow differently than previous ones”
This is probably more based on her anti-Christian belief of "envy"or "jealousy" -  probably pissed cause she and Marcus aren't living in the White House

But why would she say that - really?
Doesn’t this President deserve the same amenities as other Presidents?

A CPAC multi-millionaire - complaining about the lifestyle of the PRESIDENT

Is this an example of what CPAC audience race-baiting looks like?
CPAC coded racial rhetoric?

Minnesota's Sixth District should be so proud of their Michele Bachmann.
She evidently represents the thinking of the majority of the people in the sixth district - cause they keep on re-electing her.
Doesn't say much for the tolerance level in the sixth district of Minnesota - would hate to live there with all those covert haters.

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