Friday, March 29, 2013

Racist, Homophobic ALEC Members

Here you have Don Young - ALEC Alum
My father had a ranch; we used to have 50-60 wetbacks to pick tomatoes,” Young said. “It takes two people to pick the same tomatoes now. It’s all done by machine.

It is 2013 - This was a freudian slip of his most basic beliefs.
Any apology is forced 
 - becausehehasto - 
 - not becausehewantsto 

Betcha dollars to donuts
he told that exact smae story at an ALEC cigar reception
using the exact same words.

And then you have Dave Agema, past ALECer (maybe even still) and
a Republican National Committeeman and former Michigan state representative
and his homophobic Facebook notice.

Michigan GOP Big Shot Dave Agema In Trouble Over Anti-Gay Posting

Read about it


And I am not the only one making these connections.
Later the same day - WashPo published this.

From the right wing Washington Post - the only thing they forgot - was that these nut cases were members of the extremist right-wing ALEC.  But then the WashPo article is concerned with how it affects the Republicon party - not thatthis behaviro has become endemic to the Republicon party.

Earlier in the week, an RNC official from Michigan argued that being gay is an unhealthy lifestyle — posting an article to his Facebook page that labeled homosexuality as “filthy.” The RNC committeeman, Dave Agema, declined to take down the post.

GOP leaders were quick to denounce both Agema and Young, a 21-term House member who has long had rocky relations with the Republican establishment.

ALEC-er Don Shooter of Arizona
Storms into a grade school
A visibly upset Sen. Don Shooter entered a classroom againsta school official’s will and verbally confronted a teacher during class, frightening the students and the teacher, Yuma police reported.

The teacher is pursuing an assault charge against the senator, according to the police report.

Shooter burst into the classroom the morning of March 22 in a “visibly angry manner” and demanded to speak with a teacher, who told police Shooter “was an arm’s length from me pointing and shaking his finger at me,” the report said.

The outburst scared the teacher, Danielle Munoz, and students in her classroom, the report said.

“She was afraid for her safety and the safety of her students,” according to an officer’s account of the incident in the police report.

Examples of crazy, racist, homophobic past/present members of the extremist American Legislative Exchange Council.

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