Friday, March 8, 2013

Double Dog Dare - To ALEC State Chairs

In an October 2010 Press Release ALEC stated:

ALEC is a private organization similar to membership organizations such as the YMCA.  Federal law allows non-profits to protect the privacy of non-profit donors, but requires all non-profits to publicly disclose annual financial reports.

No - ALEC is not like the YMCA
I question why it was important in this press release for ALEC to justify the secrecy of its member list, by noting that they allowed by "Federal law" to "protect the privacy" of their donors.

In my opinion the US public has the right to know who is a card carrying, "copy and paste", "bill mill" legislative (state and federal) member of ALEC. 

Card carrying, "copy and paste", "bill mill" ALEC legislators (state and federal) who belong to ALEC are basically a nefarious shadow government within the US - with their ALEC identity and political beliefs hidden and unknown to the general public. 

It is important to realize that the list of ALEC legislators on ALEC Exposed is incomplete.  The list of ALEC legislators on ALEC Exposed is available only because dedicated researchers have culled every ALEC related document they could find to identify ALEC members.

ALEC members for the most part DO NOT PUBLICLY SELF IDENTIFY with ALEC.

I will bet - yes I will
That NOT ONE ALEC member has contacted ALEC Exposed and said
"You don't have my name on your list, please add it."
ALEC members don't want to be known 
- ALEC members want to remain hidden and unknown to the general public
because they know deep in their heart that belonging to ALEC is wrong.  
Wrong, wrong, wrong.

For years, ALEC has spouted off about TRANSPARENCY.
Well - it is time for ALEC to put their 98% of corporate backed money where their mouth is.

March 31, 2011

ALEC anointed my blog (along with Daily Kos contributors, Democratic Underground contributors, & William Cronin) as “radical opponents”.

In that email to the state chairs ALEC stated:

We want to make you aware of the recent activities from our radical opponents. Liberal blogs are encouraging their followers to confront legislators at town hall meetings, attempt to identify them through inquiries and using email addresses, encourage open records requests of legislator emails, and even picket in Cincinnati. You should know that ALEC staff does not divulge the names of its members or any membership lists. As State Chair, you may be asked for a list of your state members.  It is your choice, and that of your state legislative members, if you wish to release the names of your members.

In an email to their state chairs
ALEC told their states chairs
It is your choice, and that of your state legislative members, if you wish to release the names of your members.

In two years – to the best of my knowledge only two state chairs have willingly released the names of ALEC members in their state.

I am issuing a double dog dare 
to ALEC state chairs 
and to ALEC legislative members.

On or before March 31, 2013
Two years after ALEC gave you permission
It is your choice, and that of your state legislative members, if you wish to release the names of your members.
PUBLICLY distribute your entire ALEC state member list.
Send it to CMD  
or publish your list (with your name and email) as a comment to this blog entry.
Double dog dare you!
Won’t do it?
Have members that won’t do it?

Why not?   
Are your ALEC members embarrassed & ashamed to admit they belong to the right-wing, extremist, ultraconservative American Legislative Exchange Council?

"Are you now or have you ever been a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council?   It's a simple question, sir! It deserves a simple answer! ”

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