Wednesday, March 20, 2013

ALEC Agri-Business Members - What Do They Want to HIde

Great read this morning - about the absurdity of the American Legislative Exchange Council Ag-Gag Bills.

Short - to the point.

A lot of great ALEC reads happen on people's blogs - too bad "the suits" don't recognize citizen journalists.

Thom on March 19th, 2013
Suppose at your local grocery store there was a clerk that, before putting the vegetables out on display, would urinate on them. Would you want them caught? What if the person who caught them doing it was not a USDA inspector? Would it bother you that the privacy of that person or the grocery chain was being violated?

The excuses for this from the meat industry are pretty lame:
    “At the end of the day it’s about personal property rights or the individual right to privacy,” said [American Legislative Exchange Council] spokesman Bill Meierling. “You wouldn’t want me coming into your home with a hidden camera.” 
Seriously? That’s the best argument they can come up with? Equating a slaughterhouse, where food for millions of people is processed, to a private home is ridiculously asinine. It’s already illegal for me to make food in my home for sale to the public without Health Department certification–if even then. And if I were, then I would expect little legal standing to keep someone from filming any non-code activities while making that food.
What do they have to hide?
Great question!
Not only for agri-business, but also for ALEC.
What are they hiding?

And then there is this snip from article from Mother Jones

In a time of fiscal austerity, federal watchdogs like USDA and FDA are having to cut back on inspections of meat-production facilities, meaning that already-weak oversight will only get weaker. If the meat industry wins these ag-gag battles playing out in farm states nationwide, who will serve as the public's eyes on the factory farm floor? Answer: essentially, no one.

Agri-business and ALEC both want to do their "business" outside the scrutiny of the general public.  

And they will pass any legislation they need, in order to be able to do so.  
And they can!

They have over 2,000 state legislators and 89 Congressional members who take their orders from ALEC and ALEC corporate members.

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