Friday, March 22, 2013

ALEC - Shadow Society, Shadow Government

You really need some historical points – to understand how I got to where I went.
Here they are.

The following people were honored at ALECs 10th Anniversary Annual Meeting for their role in the genesis and development of ALEC:
FOUNDERS (partial listing)
Hon. Robert Bales
    Ell Lilly and Company Indianapolis, IN
Hon. Ray Barnhardt
    Director  Federal Highway Administration
Gov. Terry Branstad (IA)
Hon. Robert Carleson
    Assistant to the President for Policy Development
Rep. David Copeland (TN )
Hon. Donald Devine
    Director Office of Personnel Managemen t
Attorney General Kenneth Eikenberry (WA)
Hon. M. Stanton Evans
    Chairman Education and Research Institute
Dr. Edwin J. Feulner, Jr.
    President The Heritage Foundation
Congressman Henry Hyde (IL)
Rep. Louis Jenkins, Jr. (LA)
U.S. Sen. Robert Kasten (WI)
Sen. Donald E. Lukens (OH)
Hon. James Mack (AZ)
Sen. John McCune (OK)
Hon. Robert Monier (NH)
Hon. Lawrence Pratt (VA)
Hon. Mark Rhoads (IL)
Sen. H. L. "Bill" Richardson (CA)
Mr. James C. Roberts
Sen. Eva Scott (VA)
Hon. Donald Totten (IL)
Hon. Paul Weyrich
    President Coalitions for America

2010 – Mark Rhoads

I relayed my memory of a speech given by Donald Devine in early 1973 that conservatives needed to develop a shadow society of many different organizations which included one that Don, Lou Barnett, and I helped to create, the American Legislative Exchange Council, 

2010 – Mark Rhoads

In 1973, Donald Devine talked about a shadow society to replace the dominant liberal structures of that year and many benefits flowed from that idea including an explosion for The Heritage Foundation and many issue-specific conservative groups that did not exist in the 1960s. That was a good example of long-term thinking. I think now we could develop a “shadow academia” based on a good reading list, sample core courses, and a list of scholars all over the world who would in effect constitute a “shadow faculty.”
       Shadow Society
       Shadow Academia
       Shadow Faculty
       Shadow Government
       Shadow Congress

Evidently the extremist, ultraconservative Republicans can’t do anything that is not shrouded in secrecy and in “the shadows”.

       Shadow Society
       Shadow Government

In reality 
- ALEC is nothing more than a secret fraternity,
         for ultraconservative, extremist
         “shadow society / government” right-wingers.

where right-wing “shadow society / government” legislators
go to party (paid for by the corporations) and
sit in "educational sessions" with their food and booze hangovers, and
suck up to the booster club members (the corporations)
hopefully, for financial gain. 

Where multinational corporations secretly and outside the view of anyone - introduce legislation, that ALEC legislators then introduce as their own.  Multinational corporations that provide donations to facilitate the trafficking of legislators to posh and luxurious locations to rendezvous with corporate lobbyist representatives. Corporations who pay exorbitant amounts of cash to draw right-wing extremist speakers who support and provide  justification for corporate policy/legislation that is presented at ALEC meetings.

A right wing political club cloaked in the shadows
       Hidden within the confines of
       dark cavernous rooms in posh and luxurious hotels
funded almost entirely with shadowy corporate money –
ALEC legislators stealthily moving through the dark recesses of the halls of our legislatures; lurking in the shadows of the political discourse, - - - waiting - - - ready to pounce, - - - with the simple mindedness, yet determinism of a primitive beast; to introduce legislation developed in the secrecy and seclusion of a “shadow society/government”.   ALEC legislators deliberately, but yet hesitantly  - - - with dedication and intent- - - slowly, yet savagely - - - delivering an unending barrage of legislative blows against the delicate structure of the US democracy, shattering the remnants of the republic for the extremists right-wing rule.

Unfortunately for America,
ALEC has become so much more dangerous
than the simple minded fraternity 
of neanderthal weirdos/bogeymen
      that it is, was and ever shall be.

Chicago – August 5 -7

ALEC Celebrates its 40th Anniversary of Secrecy

Be there!!!

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