Sunday, March 17, 2013

ALEC & Koch's in the Same Obscure Article - How Fitting

I’ve seen a lot in my wandering around the web – but today hit a new height.
A columnist defending the Koch brothers.  I could not believe it!
Some ho-bunk columnist in Concord New Hampshire coming to the defense of the Koch brothers.

You have got to read the whole thing – and remember who is writing it - it is evident this guy has drank some kind of nasty potion
Read it
I am not joking he spends most of the article defending the Koch brothers.
An unknown columnist in Concord New Hampshire
I hope there is a blogger out there that will tear apart his adulation of the Koch’s.

But his diatribe about loving the Koch’s isn’t my interest - he takes the time to mention ALEC.  And that’s where he got my attention.  But I have to admit that having the Koch's and ALEC in the same article is very fitting - based on the philanthropic generosity of the Koch's to ALEC.

One short paragraph but - - - -

Grant Bosse:

In New Hampshire, a group called Granite State Progress is currently obsessed with the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC.
Good for them!  Bravo!
We should make a donation to them.
ALEC invites members of state legislatures to go to conferences, eat hotel food, sit through PowerPoints, and share legislative ideas. They also publish model legislation based on successful bills.

If the 50 states are laboratories of democracy, ALEC is where scientists compare their results. ALEC is the right-leaning counterpart to the National Conference of State Legislatures, which caters to state bureaucrats as well as elected officials. I attended three NCSL conferences during my two years working at the State House, one of which was quite informative.

One little paragraph that is a disservice to journalism
One little paragraph that misleads the citizens of New Hampshire

He doesn’t admit going to an ALEC meeting – even though admits he went to NCSL.
If he hasn’t been to an ALEC meeting – how can he truthfully write about what goes on at an ALEC meeting.
IF he has gone to an ALEC meeting, but doesn’t acknowledge it here – it is another example of how people are ashamed to be associated with ALEC.

"ALEC invites members of state legislaures to go to conferences"
Interesting way of putting it.
Yep - they invite them - along with offers of 100% paid scholarships to attend the meeting, 
100% - travel, room, registration costs - all paid for
funded by corporate lobbyists, 
to get state legislators in secret meetings with corporate lobbyists representatives.

Legislators do not “share legislative ideas” at ALEC meeting.
They don’t have time!!!
Legislators spend most of their time listening to CORPORATE lobbyist PowerPoint presentations and discussing and voting on corporate legislation proposals .

As documented in a Daily Kos diary
THAT is a real look at what legislators really do at ALEC task force meetings!!
Then ALEC will "publish model legislation based on successful" corporate PowerPoints and contributions. 

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