Friday, March 1, 2013

Obese Women Don't Do Enough Housework

Yep - that's what a South Carolina "research" study says.
A "research" study funded by Coke.
A "research" study aimed only at women - to denigrate women.

I saw this on the our local FOX channel news
- this morning at 4:30AM
- while I was getting my fat a$$ ready
- to put another ten hour day at work.

Another intentional attack on women.
Yes - intentional - they didn't include anyone but women in this "research" study.
You dumb fat slob - just do the work god intended you to do.
- stay home barefoot and pregnant and
- by god! you better keep the damn house clean
- or be prepared for the what-for.

If someone out there is doing research on
by having a TV remote in their hand
- instead of having to actually get their fat a$$
- out of the chair and change the channel
- please let us know.
Didn't think so.

Here's the disgusting report as reported on ABC News.


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