Friday, March 29, 2013

WalMart's Profits Trump Customer Safety

This article was brought to my attention on Daily Kos.

Wal-Mart is making a big push to ship online orders directly from stores, hoping to cut transportation costs and gain an edge over Amazon and other online retailers, which have no physical store locations. Wal-Mart does this at 25 stores currently, but plans to double that to 50 this year and could expand the program to hundreds of stores in the future.

Wal-Mart currently uses carriers like FedEx Corp for delivery from stores - or, in the case of a same-day delivery service called Walmart To Go that is being tested in five metro areas, its own delivery trucks.

Wal-Mart would offer a discount on the customers' shopping bill, effectively covering the cost of their gas in return for the delivery of packages, he added.
Boy, there is so much wrong with this from a labor perspective. So much!!!!
But first and foremost – think of all the money they will save 
– which means more profits for Wal-Mart

But I keep coming back to ALEC and Walmart.
Wal-Mart Stores[14], Member of ALEC corporate board,[1] "Chairman" level sponsor of 2011 ALEC Annual Conference[17] ($50,000 in 2010),[18] and member of ALEC Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development Task Force,[42] Health and Human Services Task Force,[13] and Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force - Wal-Mart told Reuters on May 30 that it is suspending its ALEC membership.[143]

Member of ALEC corporate board

Knew EVERYTHING that was going on at ALEC

   including Kill at Will legislation.
WalMart executives helped pass "Kill at Will"

You do remember kill at will legislation right?
That’s no longer the case in the 25 states that have enacted “Stand Your Ground” laws at the behest of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). In those states, if you’ve had a terrible day, if you just don’t like the other guy very much or if you want to try out that new handgun you just bought, you can feel free to escalate the level of violence in a physical altercation by shooting him. Even if you kill him, the law has got your back. You’ll be immune not only from criminal prosecution, but also from any potential civil lawsuits

WalMart’s corporate profit trumps Customer Safety.
Are you a risk taker?
Like to live on the edge?
Deliver packages for WalMart and we
   will guarantee you an adventure every day
Every time you get out of your car to deliver a WalMart package
you can be rest assured that you are taking your life
  into your own hands - to increase WalMart profits.
YOU can feel the exhilaration of wondering"  Will I be Killed Today, for WalMart?"
The potential of a gun nut psycho - behind every door -
pick a door - any door
and make a delivery for WalMart.
Because, we here at WalMart - appreciate that very much 
we - the owners of WalMart
the Walton family
hold 14% of all the wealth in the US - we want more
The Walton heirs have more wealth than 40% of America - they want more
From 2007 to 2010 - our family wealth only went from $73 up to $89 BILLION - we want more
Our six heirs are worth $113 BILLION - they want more

Please help us make more profit - more revenues - cause we want more.

The potential of a gun nut psycho - behind every door -
pick a door - any door
and make a delivery for WalMart.

WalMart’s corporate profit trumps customer safety - becausetheycan.

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