Sunday, March 17, 2013

Morning Legislative Snark - A Good Read

On days when you want to cry  - the universe hands you a reason to smile.
This WONDERFUL piece of snark
Out of Tennessee – they are frustrated and make the best of it!

Snips won’t do it
You really have to read the whole thing to enjoy it!

Our lawmakers must set up a sweatshop — that is, set a couple of their clerks and interns to work cranking out these laws like a legislative McDonald’s,” he said. “If we get that going, then Tennessee can overtake states like Louisiana to lead the way forward backward.”

batty bill creation
silly bills
ditzy bills
wacky acts production
screwy legislation
top kooky law exporter

backward thinking can be profitable
If you’re a legislator looking to lead your state back to the past, we’re already miles ahead of you. And for a price, you can follow our lead.”

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