Sunday, March 24, 2013

Michigan's Primer on Destroying Democracy

from the bottom up.
Kill local democratically elected government first.

From Common Dreams

Democracy Betrayed in a Bloodless Coup in Detroit
by Greg Bowens

A bloodless coup of the largest democratically elected government in our state has occurred. Detroit has an emergency financial manager.

As Americans, we should be ashamed.

Those charged with defending the principals of our republic betray it instead.    as the power of the executive and legislative branch is placed in the hands of one person.

No invading army of communists is at the door. No terrorist insurrection has occurred. No horde of barbarians is at the gate.

Generations to follow will look back on this time in amazement.

They will wonder how democratically elected governors could create laws to strip other people of their own locally, democratically elected governments.

They will scratch their heads in disbelief.

As Americans, we should be ashamed.

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If you don't know what is going on in Michigan
It is damn well time you educated yourself

New article at PR Watch

Michigan residents might be wondering how this EFM got appointed. Didn’t they roundly reject financial managers in a statewide referendum in November? Michigan residents voted to repeal the EFM law by 53-47 percent after 200,000 people signed a petition to put the issue on the ballot. But this outburst of democracy didn’t stop the Republican-controlled legislature and Governor Rick Snyder from ramming through a new law to do the exact same thing during a lame-duck legislative session a month later.

Longtime Detroit Representative John Conyers asked the Washington Post “How come all of the jurisdictions put under emergency management are majority African American? Has anybody noticed that? There seems to be a racial aspect, a racial component of the application of this law.”

Today, six cities and 9 percent of Michigan residents are being governed by an appointed EFM and are no longer represented by the local officials they democratically elected. While only a portion of Michigan residents are being disenfranchised in this way, these EFM take-overs disproportionately affect Michigan’s African-American communities.


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