Tuesday, March 5, 2013

ACTION: Don't Discriminate Based on Credit Score

I agree with this petition.
It's not perfect - but neither is life.

Please join me in signing this


To make it ILLEGAL for companies or businesses to discriminate against POTENTIAL NEW HIRES with Bad Credit

Today we are finding out more and more people are unable to find work because of bad credit and its especially hitting those who have been out of work for year or longer. I have read horror stories of people who are were qualified for the job, went in for the interview, got hired and then was informed that because of their credit, they were immediately terminated. That is not fair and it is the reason why so many people like myself are unable to find a job. We as a society should give people who have been down on their luck another chances especially if they were unable to pay their bills due to circumstances beyond their control. I was laid off 4 times over 8 years and because of that I have bad credit from my getting behind on my bills.

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