Monday, March 4, 2013

Bachmann (MN-NUTJOB) - Lying or on Drugs?

This nutjob lives in an alternate world

From Daily Kos

Hey, Michele Bachmann, why don't you show us how it's done?

"Rep. Bachmann recognizes the importance of giving local law enforcement and nonprofit programs the resources they need to fight against domestic violence and sexual assault, which is why she supported the stronger House version of the Violence Against Women Act," said Bachmann spokesman Dan Kotman.
Well, no. The "stronger" House version of VAWA was the one that actually passed. The one that provided protection for all women. The one Bachmann voted against.

Read the whole thing
About how REpubliCONS are bakcing away from their negative VAWA vote.

Oh yeh - BTW - Michele
I got an email today from Jim Graves
You remember him - he almost creamed you in the last election
Guess what - he's staying in touch and this is part of what he said:

We came so close. I know I’ve said this before, but I have all of you to thank for that.

We fought in last year’s campaign because we believed that our nation’s radical politicians are divided—not its people. Together, we sent the message that our common interests far outweigh our differences.

Weeks like these - when Rep. Bachmann voted against the bipartisan Violence Against Women Act and chose partisan gridlock over the American people, refusing to stop the sequester – are tough for all of us to watch.

I am appalled that Congress is allowing hundreds of thousands of American families to face losing a job in a slowly recovering economy, as a result of a manufactured crisis.

But I have also never been more optimistic about the future of Minnesota and the United States of America. Thank goodness the rest of the Minnesota delegation and the nation chose not to abandon women and put partisanship aside to vote for VAWA.

And I know that the work we started last year, well, it isn’t over.

We can make our voices heard. Trust me, they are growing louder every day.

I’ve spoken with thousands of folks in my district, and they know that our nation’s greatest challenges are not going to be solved with partisanship and obstruction.

No matter how divided radical politicians become, I urge you to remain optimistic about our country’s future. You have a voice. Make sure you continue to use it.

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