Thursday, February 28, 2013

Koch's to Give ALEC Competition (for their $$'s)

Looks like the Koch brothers are planning on starting their own ALEC.

They must see the writing on the wall for the old ALEC.
Back in the good ol' days the Koch's gave old ALEC lots of foundation money - and then when ALEC went belly up the Koch's forked over a half a mil two different times to keep ALEC afloat.
Well - evidently the current ALEC hasn't lived up to the  Koch brothers expectations
(- yeh - ALEC's been a disappointment to me also)
So the Koch's are going to do what they do best
- start their own KOCH ALEC - a better version - a more fascist version than the current one.

And you can bet - this isn't gonna be a ALEC mini-me.
Cause the Koch's are gonna own this one.

It's been kinda hard for the Koch's to keep their intentional, yet secret, destruction of the US democracy through ALEC "model legislation" a secret - when ALEC is on news casts and blog across the US.
So  ........................ looks like the Koch's are birthing another fascist ALEC.

(shaking my head right now - shaking my head) 

Today on NPR:

Now, after failing to help Republicans win the White House or the Senate, the Koch brothers are re-examining the network, its goals and strategies.

And they could be drawn into an investigation in California that threatens to pierce the veil of secrecy of donors behind $11 million in secret contributions. The $11 million went to an obscure California-based political committee, the Small Business Action Committee PAC, which was advertising on two ballot questions there. It caught the attention of the state Fair Political Practices Commission.

As the California probe continues, the Koch brothers postponed their winter money-and-strategy gathering. They cited the need to rethink goals and strategies. The conference is now set for April.

In this political off-season, two new Koch groups are ramping up.

The Association for American Innovation is set up as a business league. There are indications it will promote free-market bills in state legislatures, much as the American Legislative Exchange Council does now.

American Commitment, another social welfare group, aims to carve out a messaging niche in between think tanks like the Cato Institute, where Koch allies sit on the board, and front-line groups like AFP.
While I'm sure the Koch's will continue to finance the American Legislative Exchange Council - their piece of the Koch $$$ pie will get smaller as Koch's "Destroy America" campaign expands to more and more anti-democracy Kochroach organizations.

May the Koch's burn in hell for infinity.

You know - we just gotta keep fighting these a$$holes
- cause it doesn't look like they are going to stop their seditionist ways

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