Monday, February 18, 2013

ALEC Opens the Doors to the "General Public"?

This past weekend I introduced you to ALEC's new poobah of PR
>>>>>>>>Bill Meierling<<<<<<<<<<

Well - it looks like he and/or Edleman have been screwing around with ALEC's webpage recently.

They made a few changes and this one is a major change and intriguing.

And could come back to bite them in the butt.  From a public relations standpoint - a nightmare -  they just shot themselves in both feet - that's why I give you the screenshot - for posterity and all time - they will NEVER live this one down.
a nonpartisan public-private partnership of America's state legislators, member of the private sector AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC????????????????????
WOW - the general public?????
We get  to have a say in all the nastiness that ALEC legislators are going to dump on us?

I wanna go!!! 
I wanna be a general public member of ALEC
What fun!!!!!

The American Legislative Exchange Council in partnership with the general public - open ALEC meetings - the general public gets to go to ALEC meetings?

Is this what their new PR Poobah was referring to in this statement?
 “It’s exciting that ALEC model legislation is having this impact,” Meierling said. “That’s really part and parcel of the American experience, to have citizen activism in government.”

Oh, goodie - I wanna go!!! 
I wanna be a general public / citizen activist member of ALEC
What fun!!!!!

Hot Damn!!!!
I'm looking forward to authoring and sponsoring legislation for
   the PEOPLE / general public.
I'm looking to having and Equal Voice - An Equal Vote
    for the general public.
I want to be the first President of the ALEC General Public/Citizen Activist Advisory Board.
I've earned it!  I deserve it.
Free trips to ALEC meetings - paid for by ALEC corporate lobbyists - posh hotels!!!!
Hot Damn!!

Back to reality

My question to ALEC is
How are you defining "general public"?
How much does a general public membership cost?
How much does general public membership in a task force cost?
How much will it cost for the general public to attend an ALEC meeting?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Is this another ALEC media lie????????????????????? 
Is this a - No, that's not what we REALLY mean? 
We only mean the extremist, right-wing, ultraconservative general public.

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